• T1 Full HD
  • M6 Full HD
  • W9 Full HD
  • France2 FUll HD
  • Bein Sport 1 full HD
  • Bein Sport 2 Full HD
  • RMC sports 1 Full HD
  • RMC sport 2 Full HD

  1. bonjour,depuis hier çà n’arrête pas de décroché !!faut il faire une MAJ ou pas?

    • hello I am really not satisfied
      subtv ç is null it bug a lot we can not even watch a match my customers are not happy

      • is not the bug .because too much attacked .so we active the strict firmware on the main server
        now filter is ok .i think you can use subtv better than before

  2. Omar Adam lili Amin

  3. Hi dear,
    what about canal+ channels?

  4. Hello, I have a one year subscription for subtv since last juin , it beeb stable at the bigining but now it keeps cutting . I no satisfied. I use your apk and now testing it for lxtream player but nothing change keeps cutting. what is the solution ?

  5. Hi. Good morning.
    just wanted to let you know that your la test updates on the QHDTV3 app contains à major bug. The navigation on the menu with the remote control has become very very slow.. Please fix this issue. Many thanks

  6. Since an hour all channels don’t work on subtv (I’ve got fiber)!! Are you updating or something ? Can you check ?? Thanks

  7. Why all the channel not function forme qhdtv…please

  8. tonight at 9pm in Paris the whole world will watch the tv the champions league match between paris saint germain and Manchester united. in france the match broadcasted by rmc sport, 1. thank you for the check, the quality of the signal is very important for our customers, so that they continue to subscribe. I know your professionalism. thank you

  9. Thanks for those channel.

  10. Very disappointing !!!!!!!
    All channels keep going down …
    Sent many emails but no change …will not recommend if they don’t improve !!

  11. “MBC Iraq” Please add this channel to your list of MBC channels. This is a new channel by MBC.

  12. Are you going to add “MBC Iraq” channel to your list of MBC channels? It’s a new channel.

  13. hello I am really not satisfied
    subtv ç is null it bug a lot we can not even watch a match my customers are not happy

    • if your network not good .please change to HD or SD channel .not the full HD or 4K channel

  14. Major bug after update
    QHDTVpro spend all time to load show the pic and play few seconds and load again

    Before a slow navigation on menu and now with the slow navigation infinity loading mode

    Fix that we can’t use the apps

    • we will check this bugs
      before it .you can go google play store .search Lxtream player
      and install it .use your code login

    • hi
      can you give me the exactly channel name ?is channel buffering ?

  15. Hi, for 3 weeks the following channels have been down:

    13-MTV LEBANON +4

    please fix customers have been not happy!!!

  16. Hello

    since the last app update subtv only works if I use the mobile network connection. It does no longer work over cable and my normal internet provider with vdsl . I tried to change the DNS servers but it didn’t help.

    Any ideas? Please help 🙁

    • can you download Lxtream Player from google Playstore .
      and input your code .check it ?

  17. hello,

    this is my 5th post of the same message, channels 13-MTV LEBANON+4,14-LBC+4, 16-FALLUJAH have been down for over a month, i checked the website where it streams the channel and they are working please fix or let me know if these channels are no longer available on qhdtv thanks.

  18. Friend, the vod series and films is not working since several days in my qhdtv app. Any solutions?

  19. SUBTV lot of freeze and bugs theese 3 weeks

    • hi .where you live ?which device do you use ?

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