we have update the VOD server .

the old APK will  have problem on the series group

we have release the new version 2.09.please update to this version

APk download link


  1. Hello i have some problems with the new version, my portuguese sport channels stop to work after one minutes… Need help. Thank you

  2. I have a lot of freeze frame with 2 subscriptions.
    This is not the network the problem.
    1) – The test code you provided me was working perfectly on the test network.
    2) – It is not possible that two networks are problematic at the same time.
    Is not there a problem with the server?
    Can not you find a solution?
    Thanks for your help.

  3. Hello guys,
    I pay for three months but the apk don’t works !?
    Need help. Thanks

  4. Hi,
    How to activate subtitle inside SubTV ?
    How to change the audio track inside SubTV?
    SubTV version is 2.2.0

  5. Hello, I have The MX10 Box. When I watch the SUBTV application on French TV television, I have a strident noise while 1~ second randomly. I have loaded the new version 2.07 but it is the same thing. Have you any idea about that ? thanks for your reply. Best regards.

  6. I have the new update but all channels are not working for 1 week now. “Channel problem please report to your reseller”.

    Have tried rebooting my router , erasing all data but nothing miss working this time.

    Can you please advise a solution.

  7. hello I have two iptv in Italy but they stopped working for two days thank you for your help

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