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Notice all customer update to New qhdtv version 1.7.3

Hello all Customer

the qhdtv apk have some bugs when customer login get the Network error .can not login

we have release the new version 1.7.3 . fix the login error problem .

All customer should update to this new version !


  1. I had hoped that the qhdtv would be more user friendly. I followed the instructions on the website and I was not able to get any Arabic channels and the TV only showed a picture saying that the current channel was not working. It showed the same picture for every channel I tried to watch. The remote control given also was not letting me go into the menu of qhdtv and choose for Arabic only channels.

    • hello .please send your code to us .we will check your code . i think is problem on the code

  2. Boujour problème peux pas voir les film , écran bleus sur infosport et problème sur la chaine discouvery science sur QHDTV france

  3. hello
    subtv :add channels africa ( congo Kinshasa )

  4. There is a problem in the bein-sport channels that does not work from time to time. Please add new channels for them in the case of an unsupported channel that has an alternate channel.

  5. Bonjour toujours un problème sur la chaine discouvery science arrive pas a lire film the hurricane Heist France

  6. hello can you update all HTR Chanel to the HD canels
    HTR1 HD
    HRT2 HD

    THX :-))))

  7. I can’t see bein Sport Arabia HD 1 to 10 , there is only BeoutQ instead !! Can you fix that please , thanks.

  8. HI

    Canal + sport (france) is not working. I think you need to restart it. Please fix it. Thanks 🙂

  9. Hello my friend
    can you check the French channels in this case MCM channel has the place there is a chain of the Middle East and all MTV channels and videos some movies do not pass.
    thanks in advance

  10. Have a subscription for IUD TV and have not been able to get any USA or Canadian Channels especially those in HD. It appears that other resellers are offering these subscriptions yet I am locked into a 2 year contract with no way of getting out. One of the resellers is BestIPTVUSA. Can you please advise when these channels will come back online as that is why I purchased IUDTV

  11. my QHDTV is asking for update for the latest version 1.7.4

    It is refusing to download the update from the App on my TV Box

    I usually download it from your website on the download page
    and your website did not update the latest version

    Now my VOD English movies are not working

    I need the download link of version 1.7.4 please

  12. Bein Movies 1,2,3,4 disappear from bein group. Pleas fix it

  13. Problème sur bein sport 1 france merci Qhdtv

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