1, the optimization of VOD TV show shows a series of dramas by season
2, add the function of the current VOD program to locate in the program list, and you can see the name and other information of the current play.
3, solve some bug, optimize fluency and improve stability

  1. Hi
    Improvement are not so important.
    I was waiting for logos of channels updating in fullhd french, display current program and logo when you change the channel….
    Also since the new release I have a lot of empty channels. Do you experience bugs of server or what??
    Thanks in advance for your answer

  2. Hi

    There is something wrong with some french channels. Like when i want to watch “canal + sport” it’s TF1… please fix 🙁 thx

  3. Thank you it works now, BEST TEAM

  4. hi>.

    is there an app or a way to make subtv work on iphone just like qhdtv?

  5. Hi ehabAB You can Install the GSE SMART IPTV App and then put the link of your subtv in the app where you can insert the links …

    A nice day

  6. Hi. Is there a way i can sort channels the way i want? If not, when Will you add that feature?

    And there is a bug in the favourite list. Lets say im in the favourite list and want to go to channel nummer 15 in favourite list, if i press 15 on the remote controller it Will go to another channel and not the channel in the favourite list.

  7. At your download Page is this already the newest version ?

  8. Hi. I have problem with subtv. No channels open

  9. I have a 2.0.6 release and I cannot see any serie TV, what I can do for seeing it?

    • hi .please go the app setting .and make factory reset .and then input the code agian . the channel list update

  10. hi, I wanted to know why you do not see the films in Italian?

  11. Hi I’m in the Philippines and none of the channels is on for more than 5 seconds and then no more. It then says channel problem, report to your reseller

  12. Hello,
    I have discuss with friends and since days we have a lot of connection error during sport and other chanel fr.

    have a nice day

  13. Please can you make possible in the app to remove manually some folders (countrys),because there are many that i never watch but some chanels what i watch are in 2 or 3 different folders so can you please make that possible?. It will be much easier to work with the app and not to much bug when changing folders. I say this for Subtv and Iudtv i use these two all the time now 5 years a costumer and the old app was able to do it but new app is so difficult.

  14. Hi,can you please make possible to remove folders (country’s) manually which i don’t watch, im a user of iudtv and subtv 4 years now amd the old app was able to do it it was way easier to go from a channel in a different country chanell. I hope you make that possible and it will be way more flexible and less bug while we change chanels

  15. Is there an app or a way to make subtv work on iphone?

  16. You have in the subscription channels as for examples CMore Hockey and others from CMore Channels which today have been Viasat Hockey channels! Have last weeks looking forward watch some programs – but can’t watch them. Can nowadays only watch some no interesting, programs. 🙁
    What’s going on with LeadCool? I’m very dissappointed . 🙁

  17. apps don’t work since the last update sometime network err and sometimes channels don’t work!

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