the qhdtv just release the software on ios
you can use your iPhone or Ipad vist this link
then just click .the APP will install it on your device
just input the code .

  1. Hello,

    Next Update, please think about Airplay function on the app 😉


  2. Too convenient, now we can watch more hd, hope leadcool developed more and more application software, let the user get more enjoyment

  3. Hello there ,

    Do you know if the next update will include chromecast or airplay function ?


  4. It is not working on my IOS. Is it working for anyone? Please help

  5. Having problems on IOS. I get the message: Unable to open file. Please help.

  6. the android app not working

  7. hello how to can im watch IUDTV on ipad apple ?

  8. Hello i have an Android box with a qhdtv code, can i use this same code on my iPad or iPhone?,?
    Tank you !

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