the Last version 1.5.0 have the VOD not paly bugs

If you use the test code try it .when test code expired .the databse not clear for the vod

it cause the test VOD link doubal in the database.

when you input the new code ,the VOD link not play .

we have realease the new update ,Please update to the new version .after you update the new version . go to the setting ->factory reset . and click yes

then input your code agian .

or  you can wait to next day .the channel link will update automatic when you run it .


  1. SKY SPORTS F1 does not working in QHDTV.
    Bough QHDTV because because of that channel and it does not work!
    What a disappointment.

  2. beinsport1 in turkish section shows national geographic…..

  3. The whole channels on qhdtv are down
    Need to know whats goin on

  4. Hindi/asia are going goed.please check. Thank you

  5. Hello ,
    You are doing Good job , and after my subscription end i am going to renew it , next year.
    I have a question the World Cup 2018 is going to be supported.
    i have QHDTV subcription.

    Best Regards

  6. Today night will be held a great international sports league meet the champions of football the whole world was waiting match thank you to ensure that sports channels such as bein sports France and Canal + France works it keeps our subscribers thank you see you soon

  7. hi
    Please, if possible, to fix these channels on QHD server

    Aden TV
    Al Rai TV
    Libya today
    Libya Al Ahrar
    Al Ghad Al Araby
    Annahar Laki
    Semsem TV
    Sanaa TV
    Al Fayhaa
    Time Comedy
    Time Films
    ART Hekayat kamen
    Quest UK
    Time Quran TV
    Zaytouna Hedaya
    Discovery Science UK
    Alrayyan 2
    Alrayyan 1
    Extra News
    Josat Tv
    Zarqa Tv
    T Cinema
    Arriadhia Live HD
    Tanasuh TV
    Soudan roqia
    Dabanga Soudan
    Shareia TV
    4 Shabeb TV

  8. Hi,

    Could you add VICELAND on Canal Sat please? It’s available in Canal Sat france for about a year now…

    Thank you

  9. Saudie spport 2 it is not there

  10. Why are you removing my comment?
    Please add VICELAND in Canal Sat. Thank you

  11. Please fix french Channel qhdtv
    Equidia fr
    Sfr sport 1 fr
    Bein sport 1 fr
    Brin sport 2 fr

  12. Problème
    Sfr 1 bein sport francais discouvery
    Il a plus foot+ sur QHDTV

  13. Bein sport 6 arabia is displaying a blue screen.
    My cuisine tv in canalsat france package is not working correctly.

    Please fix it.

    Otherwise, the service is great !
    Keep it up

  14. After update the app not working anymore when I enter my code I have an error message said that The code is wrong or expired.

    My code not expired yet

    What can i do to fix this issue

    • hi .please upgrade the apk to the 1.7.0versoin .problem will be fixed

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