we have got some customer report .

said the Leadtv app can not run when click the icon

Please follow next step.you will get it back !

All what to do is clear user cache for Leadtv application, restart the device, then type the code, everything will be ok.
How to clear user cache: click setting–Apps–find Leadtv—clear cache

  1. hello, i have an black out total for leadtv, no channels working, all channels not oppenned, i have many customers who told me, i test alredy at home & rellay i have no one channel working, can you inform me about that ? thank you

  2. Hi
    I have the same problem. for three days, I can’t open any channels. I tried clearing the cache and the data. I entered the code again and none of the channels are working. Could you pls find a solution to this problem? thank you in advance

  3. Hi,
    I have the same problems. for about one week, i couldn’t open any channels. I tried deleting the cache and the data, then entered the code again. still, none of the channels are working.

    I would appreciate it if you can find a solution to this problem. thanks

  4. Hi it s the same for me what hapoened on leadtv ?

  5. can t play this link for all channel how to fix this problem

  6. I hope Leadtv can used on Lg and Samsung tv!!!!

  7. I hope that LEADCOOL cares seriously LEADTV channels,Bein sports channels and Bein movies does not work and the addition of more Iraqi channels and review channels that do not work and the addition of OSN channels being deleted from LEADTV

  8. Hallo ,

    Would it be possible to include under SKY UK with India channels like Sony , Sony Max, Star Plus. Please have look to the website below.


    thanks for your support.

    Best Regards,

  9. Hallo ,

    Indian Programs like Sony us or zeetv or Star HD are getting repeated once it is played. Same program is repeated again and again…

    I hope you solve the issue


  10. Leadtv2.apk many channels play fine for few minutes than sound will stop after few minutes. Changing the channel than going back restores sound but not a good solution.

  11. My leadcool decoder when is switched on , it stops on the sparkling android screen , how can I run it again , please help

  12. Hi
    Now is 2 days qhdtv have no channels workind
    I do not know what is the problem
    Technical support is silent and I doesn’t get the answer

    • hello .which device you have used ? the andoird and smarttv mag device problem was solve on saturday already
      if you still have problem .please send the code to: [email protected]

  13. My leadcool decoder when is switched on , it stops on the sparkling android screen , how can I run it again?

  14. A7a all chanell not play all say problem what this i paid one year and this play 7 day

  15. I am having bad problems with UK, USA,Canadian & Latino channels. Some are there but a lot are missing. We had them all in June but we now have only a small amount of USA channels. After paying so much money for the subscription I get a very poor service. Please get this going. It appears that the comments always get removed.

  16. It has been almost 2 weeks and none of the channels on SUBTV are working.
    I am using a h96pro+ tv box with SUBTV
    pls advice

  17. I just received my x96 in the Netherlands, but when i enter my received code I get a network error message. Please help

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