New QHDTV Channel Ben MAX Fr Gulli Arabic Planet Earth Tunisia TNT Maintenance Plan

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  1. Djano

    very good job
    Good team !!!
    Dont stop. Continue the best iptv team
    Thanks !!!

  2. Djano

    Can not contact serina or aimee
    How i can do ?
    Thanks see you soon
    Good team

  3. Daniel

    When will all new channels be added to the m3u playlist …still waiting for russia and farsi groups nothing updated…

  4. Sera

    Hello every time I tried to watch a movie via VOD FILM french: the film stops after 10 minutes see 15 minutes. So impossible to follow a movie on qhdtv. Thank you to take the necessary steps to solve the problem. cordially

  5. Daniel


    Cartoon network been off for the last month can you fix it Please?

  6. qhdtv

    All turkish channels doesn’t work for few month, can you fix this please

  7. boud

    hi ;all the channels qhdtv freeze

  8. Ahmed

    thank you so much for service but can you fix it cartoon nerwork arab and b4u aflam please ?

  9. athon34

    Your service could be good but:
    – too much freeze
    – too much channels who doesn’t works,
    – too long time for fix and maintenance,
    – no monitoring of your service and no “after sales service”,
    – no serious about maintenance and repair…

  10. Daniel

    Cartoon network needs a quick fix

  11. [email protected]

    For Smart TV owners u still not added Russia and Farsi package,its more then a month now from promise that will be added
    Not wery serious promises from ur team

  12. Daniel

    Problem in the server alot of freezing

  13. brahim



  14. jb

    Hi, a lot hindi channel broken and some french channel.
    Please fix it

  15. Ahmed

    bein 1-16 not working
    All MBC channels not working

    • leadcool

      please sent the code .the channel working ok not problem on it


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