the IUDTV release the new APK

is design for android box . remote control up/down change the channel .

compatible Android 4.4 to 5.1

but maybe problem on the android phone or tablet

if you have problem when you used on phone and tablet or other android device

Please email to us ([email protected]):

1 .channel name device version


  1. The APP I use a good, temporarily did not find the problem, thank manufacturers have been working!

  2. The APP I use a good, temporarily did not find the problem, thank manufacturers have been working!


  4. channels stop after 5 min ..and no epg please make something. fix it pls

    • can you tell me which device do you install it ?
      the apk without EPG function on it .but we will add it in future

      • Awesome app. I love it. The one feature you shulod definitely add is an option to turn off the sense-like zoom out to all screens. I only need 3 screens with this and with quickdesk there is some questionable behavior with the launcher sometimes just returning to the home screen and sometimes zooming out to view all screens. Also, what settings did you use to make your icons? I’d like to make my own but i want them to fit in perfectly.

  5. its a tv box elephone android 4.4 kit kat.

  6. ok now everything ok it works smooth

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  7. Hello,
    i am a reseller of iudtv i thought it was a good service and good server but channels freeze a lot buffer a lot and everyday there a lot of channels that stop working and there is no email for support to contact and when the client test the service they dont like it and they dont buy it so please guys if you can provide better service better channels and server streaming

    • hi .
      thanks for you contact us
      you need contact the seller .and report those problem .we will fix the problem during 48H

      • Hey thanks, this is what i nedeed.After using captive runtime for the first app. Is it necessary to do the same with my second app ?- If I m making 4 apps which needs Adobe air to run on device. So, making first app with captive runtime and others not with it will do ?- If the user uninstalls the first app then will the air embedded with it also get uninstalled ?- Is there any alternative for Adobe Content viewer as well ?Please reply.

    • Hi Jmg, If you use captive rutnime with an AIR application it bundles the AIR rutnime within that application package. The bundled rutnimes are independent of other applications, and each Application will need to have the rutnime bundled with it separately. Each of your 4 applications will need to have the rutnime embedded within it, which will get uninstalled if the user uninstalls the application. If one application has the bundled rutnime, it can not be used to run other AIR applications on the device. I hope this helps!

  8. Hello I want to know how access to distributors and know the price I can not send you a letter and thank you

  9. Hello. Almost all programs interrupts the connection, it will take until a connection is made. The Sky programs buffer (freeze) all, image and sound are not synchronized. Many problems. The programs sometimes switches on its own.

    I refer to the German programs

  10. Locking the channels is not working !! how I lock unwanted channels ?

  11. Can i add my own EPG?

  12. Locking the channels is not working on IUDTV, urgent I need to lock some hot channels, we have children in the house.
    Many thanks

  13. i liked the old iudtv apk it had the option to group the chanell packages and it had the option to return the chanell you was watching but the new one doesn’t have this two options i don’t like it

    • hello .we will update the new version .and try to add this option

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