we have fix the IUDTV apk can not loading channel list problem
the play core system have problem .can not connect the server .
Now everything is fine
you can reboot the box and reopen the iudtv .enjoy it!

  1. Hello, when wil work channels 1334-1406?
    They dont work.
    Thanks for your answer.

    Sincerly yours

  2. I mean the extra dutch (netherlands) channels that are shown in iudtv.

  3. IUDTV is down for some days, please fix it.

  4. Hello. I bought one month subscription but i didn’ t receive the code? When I will have it?

    • hi .
      you should contact the seller . they will help you check it .

      • Hi, i have received a code for a new 3 months subriscription but it doesnt work, when i type it the error occurs – the code wrong or expires , but i typed it correcty few times on my phone and android box.can you help me?

      • How do I contact seller

  5. Code received perfect.. Thanx

  6. Hello, İudtv Channels do not work.still interrupted every 20 seconds and then… İt works quite good with LTE internet but not with fibre optic internet connection which is even faster.

  7. Hi today i have a lot of problems. Nothing to do. Doesn’t work!! Is only my problem or is general?

  8. Hi i have a Smart tv box X98 pro and we were watching french tv channelfor 5 hours and after switching the tv back on the next day there are 0 files downloaded.

  9. Bonjour j’ai un souci. Beaucoup de chaînes ne marchent pas. Le décodeur affiche Channel problem… une solution ? J’ai déjà relancer ma box, mis à jour le décodeur et rien y fais

  10. Hi, please check IUDTV with Romanian channels, almost all channels has problems, very very and very bad because not respected channels one channel is repeated maybe 10 times, languages is not Romanian (RUSSIAN AND HUNGARIAN) I have patience almost 5 months but nothing fix.

    Neamtu Vasile
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Your IUDTV service is very bad iptv, and quality channels is low sd.

    Neamtu Vasile
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Channel 02 Dolce sport 1 problem with screen must be 16:9 but is 4:3.
    Channel 03 must be Dolce sport 2 but repeated Dolce sport 1.
    Channel 05 must be Food Network HD but is U tv Music .
    Channel 10 and 11 same channel.
    Channel 12 Digi Film not working.
    Channel 15 Eurosport 1 not working, just sound in HUNGARIAN Language (HUNGARIAN is not the same language with Romanian).
    Channel 18 must be Antenna 1 but repeated again Etno channel.
    Channel 20 Tv 1000 languages is Russian and no subtitles.
    Channel 38 and 39 same channel.
    Channel 40 must be Tvr 3 but repeated again U tv Music

    Channel 41 must be Tvr international but is Tvr 3.
    Channel 42 must be TNT but again repeated U tv Music.
    Ok the list continues, please respected your customers.

  11. Iudtv complete not working
    “report to your reseller”

    Ppease fix it

    • Poweroff your router .and after 5 minutes power on .check it work or not ?

  12. hello! I have h96max 4k but I cant download iudtv apk whats the problem!?

  13. I am really disappointed from the service.IUDTV kept loading and non of the channels were working.
    Today again non of the channels are working.
    I have Excellent Broadband connection with 50 mbps.
    Could you please sort out this problem
    thank you

  14. Hello! why I cant download iudtv to my box h96 max 4k

  15. No channels are working, I have tried with my iPhone and Android. Nothing

  16. Hello i bought a device with iudtv subscription one year from a reseller everything work well until i used the same subscription on my phone then my code is banned by mistake because i didn’t know the rules my reseller didn’t inform me…I’m asking help to activate my code again please

  17. Hi
    My I have two devices smart tv and android box having Iudtv subscription. Both now can’t load any channel.it gave me channel problem massage. Please help

  18. Osn Fox life channel is not working since two days… please fix it
    Thanks in advance

  19. It is working now. Thank you

  20. Keep getting the same problem, CHANNEL PROBLEM, report to reseller…also I’m concerned that someone else is using my code. Can I find out?

  21. Please help ,,, Ar Osn Fox life channel is not working

  22. Can you please advise when USA & Canadian Channels will be included in IUDTV. You said August but nothing has happened. Also all my comments have been deleted. Why?

  23. Hello, since yesterday I have no more channels 1,2,3,4,5,6 of Canal sat. It is written channel problem, could you do something please.

  24. Hallmark Channel does not work. I have sent a lot of messages and no reply. Can you fix this up urgently as I am paying 2 years subscription and now asking reseller to pay back money.
    Urgent please fix.

  25. Leadcool IUDTV Support Services are very bad. Do not respond or rectify serious problems. We are paying money for no service.

  26. Hello, I have purchased 19-12 2017 one year Transaction ID: 8J113659KM125460S
    Payment Type: PayPal Express Checkout (instant)
    Timestamp: 2017-12-19T08:32:33Z
    Payment Status: Completed
    Amount: 44.99 USD Products Model Mac Address
    1YIUDTV 00:1A:79:4C:B9:28 but its not working the Url port is not working mag.ipsatpro.biz:8080/c/ could you please check it out. Thank you

  27. I have subscription To Subtv but the system but on the Scream Chanel Problem:please report To your reseller? CAN YOU HELP ME FOR THIS THANK YOU

  28. Hi
    Good share.
    I consider the most stable iptv boxes are those from fishbone cloud
    I would like to see more posts like this

  29. Channel problèm c’est vraiment rageant .Faites quelque chose .abonnement 1 an subtv. Mon opérateur free .

  30. The iudtv is not working on my android box but it works on my mobile telephone and on my friends box
    I reset the box and the network but still not working, I bought a new box and installed iudtv on it but it did not work.
    What’s wrong?

  31. My IUDTV used to work well at home and now it doenst work at home even i have a 30Mb Fibernet but same code works at works WIFI ehich is basic 7Mb.?
    What can I do?

    There is no antivirus software installed or anything like that.

    • hi .please try to reboot your fibernet router .try it agian .

      • I have rebooted the modem and android box and it has made no difference. It will need a new copy of the software as I have re-installed the copy that I have but it has the same problem.

  32. IUDTV service not working since days
    Won’t recommend at all

  33. My IUDtv cannot get any channels tells me I have a Channel Problem and I should see my reseller. My reseller is no longer in business. Please reboot my system or provide a new version of IUDTV. My code is ss198412316133

  34. Yes

  35. Hi my iptv sais channel problem to all channels. What should i do?

  36. Iudtv not working. Please check
    Id attached in website name

  37. Iudtv not working. Please check

  38. Every time when I click to test code for android it says come back next time can you please send me a code I want to test it before I buy it for one year .
    its for the European channels

    thank you

    • hi .my colleger will contact you by email .thanks!

      • we are so sorry .the server was huge attacked .we active the firmware .cause some not conenct .pleaser reboot your router .and try it agian

  39. Iudtv is not working. Is showing all the time since 3 days channel problem.. What shall I do

  40. My iud TV is not working and I have over 8 months subscription remaining. It keeps saying channel problem.on all channelss

  41. Bonjour j’ai un soucis c’est écrit channel problem comment je fait

  42. I do not know my code, I only have my username and password. And the new apk no longer asks for the username and password.
    How could I log in?

  43. Ever since the new update in January
    2019 and have to tick the box for agreement. I can’t log in and its saying network error. I can go to all the websites I want and the pages are loading. So the problem is not my internet but has to be the latest apk

  44. Ever since the new update in January
    2019 and have to tick the box for agreement. I can’t log in and its saying network error. I can go to all the websites I want and the pages are loading. So the problem is not my internet but has to be the latest apk. I still have a subscription for 9 or 10 months.

  45. Hi, have an issue with leadcool – when click on QHDTV app, it is said: “updating list” and then loading. However nothing is going on and it keep “loading” without getting anywhere. How can I resolve this issue

    • is some problem on your dns you need change your dns server to google
      DNS 1:

  46. Hi, have an issue with leadcool – when click on QHDTV app, it is said: “updating list” and then loading.
    However nothing is going on and it keep “loading” without getting anywhere.
    How can I resolve this issue?

    • hi
      if display update list .and not channel list .you need reboot your interent router .and try agian .is problem on the network

  47. My Iudtv app is telling me my subscription is out of date but i bought a 12 month subscription only last September? please can you help?

  48. Bonjour J’ai un problème sur la liste c’est marqué chaîne problème comment résoudre ce problème

  49. hi it been more then 3weeks and iudtv not working is any problem with your service i restart my router and its not my internet Everything else work fine on my box so whats the prolem pls help



  52. Please correct the Scandinavian cmore sport Channels. Only Three of them are working and one of them is in the finnish language (not scandinavia).

  53. All my channels keep freezing and just loading keeps going round can you please fix it

  54. I have a iudtv box and for some reason it’s for an activation code but i haven’t had it for 2 yrs and my friends on is still working

  55. I still have a “channel problem “ is it reads on my tv. I have rebooted the system uninstalled and installed the app again still channel problem. I don’t know what the newest version is. Can you please send me a link IUDTV newest version.

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