This is IPTV Application that works with any IPTV service provider with xtream-code server. This will work on Android tab/phone as well as Android Box


  • Fast loading
  • No need for “IPTV Core” library from XTREAM-CODES to work
  • Current EPG on live playlist
  • LIVE and VOD playlists separate
  • Playlists organized with categories
  • Internal player
  • Tv Show section (series)
  • Language(English ,France ,Germany ,Arabic,Spainsh ,Italy)

Any suggestion to improuve the application is welcome.

  1. I can not download, please fix it

  2. you can downlaod from google play now

  3. What about lx stream.
    How i do to input playlist
    I have tested to input my subtv playlist m3u. But impossible. How i do. Thanks

    • hi you can direcly use subtv code .not need input playlist

      • since the update my screen stays green after the android logo help me please

        • hi maybe problem on your Device images
          which box you have ?

  4. Hello,

    How i can install it on my Android box ?


    • please go the google playstore .search lxtream player .then install it

    • hi .you can go goolgeplay store .search Lxtream Player .and install it

  5. Hi… For Nexus Player ( Android TV ) Work The App perfect for QHDTV. Very nice App 👍…

  6. How can I get test code

  7. How can I get code

  8. What is the defult parenatal pin?
    It is really easy tog accidentally lock a channel when browsing up the channel list. The favourite and lock icons are placed a bit bad.

  9. bonjour pour quoi je peu pas le mettre sur mon android MXQ,quand je suis sur LXTREAM PLAYER dans google playe j’ai pas le liens installer et quand je prend l’apk de puis votre site et que je le mes sur une cle usb je peu pas l’ouvrir,alors que chez mon frere ca marche,merci

  10. Very good program but what is the code to unlock the Channels?

  11. Great program but there is problem that
    I dont find the code to unlock the channels
    After i lock them. Thanks for help

  12. Hi
    I think if you add epg function and reorder favorites channels function. Your app become a Killer iptv app

  13. M’y second message:-)
    Another cool stuff for tour app:
    – add androidTv live channels compatibility

  14. Hello
    I looked a channel by mistake and could not unlock it. What is the default passcode?
    Thank you

  15. Hi,
    thanks for your app.It’s very good app.

    my suggestions for improvement 🙂 :
    – add Android Tv Live Channels compatibility
    – Remove always “activation code” screen on application startup ==> move it on a settings screen like your’s other apps
    – add filter feature for mask unwanted channels group on live channel screen selection
    – add feature to organize channels order in favorite
    – reduce column number on VOD/Series screen to get images and titles more “readable”


  16. I downloaded the application but I do not know where to buy the code
    I need a code for all channels

  17. Design of Application is very well, is it possible to add multiple accounts ( I have 2 account qhdtv and subtv)?

    Moreover A New version of all apk( qhdtv/subtv/lxtream) doesn’t function.
    Error message : no réseau please reboot your network.

    Test with 3 different devices and 3 different account and 3 different bandwidth .

    Please fix it

  18. Votre aplli et vraiment top mais il manque une option replay.
    Réglage de la durée du bandeau qui s’affiche trop longtemps.
    Bravo pour votre travail.

  19. HI, but o You have app. for IOS ? in App store ?

    • sorry .we not build the IOS version .now only avalble for google play store

  20. Scam. I can confirm it is. Don’t buy. Channels won’t work also support team won’t reply.
    I give up. I bought another iptv package from another provider and it is working perfectly

    • how the scam? can you send your code to us check ?
      normal if all chanel not work . problem on two
      1.the code was baned due to resteaming
      2.the code was used on another deivce .so you can not use it on same time

  21. I need code to test ur app

  22. Very good app but they needs to be an option to lock groups and vod/series groups, also a feature to add m3u playlist with epg.

  23. Vods not Work

    • hi
      did you use the xtream code login?
      this is some bugs .we releaes the new version today .can be fix this problem .

  24. Dont work

  25. Bonjour J’aimerais connaître le mot de passe par défaut du verrouillage parental

  26. Hi,
    What’s the padlock on the films or series?
    I lock one and I don’t have the password.

  27. I try this app cause subtv don’t work since months.
    It work good for a week but today impossible to watch something.
    Only for me or general problems?

  28. Very good!! Just an option to navigate with epg and all is ok!!

  29. Hello,
    I can not access the application, ask for code login, where can I find this code?

  30. Can i use the code in second device but not in the same time ?

  31. Hi
    I do like the layout and ease of use for this lxtream player
    Is there a way to get my epg to show up? all I get are the channels with no epg

  32. Does this app support multiple-subtitles channels?

  33. I love this LXtream app so much. Great job. I finally figured out how to lock channels so my kids don’t see the bad stuff but is there a way to lock the whole category or possibly even hide it from view? If not maybe this can be added into the next update… Thanks

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