hi everyone

after we debug and testing .now the Leadcoolbox RK3229 will be update to Android 8.1.0 system

the New fimware inlcude the New UI Launcher .

if your want update to this new firmware pleaes confirm your Box chipset before you update it

this only for the RK3229 .not work on RK3228

Please look this video before you flash your box ,and Copy your Code before you brush box
It is risky to brush machine, please do it under professional guidance



After done .run the box .you will get like this .just input your code .you will enjoy new Firmware

the firmware with the tools download here

  1. hello channel 13 mtvlebanon+4 and channel 14 lbc+4 not working for 2 weeks please fix thank you

  2. hello channel 13 mtvlebanon+4 and channel 14 lbc+4 not working for 2 week please fix thank you,

  3. Good morning. I don’t knew where i must send my message for you so i use your e-mail adress. I send you this message to tell you that since late july early august i have big problems with my subscription. I bought in your website 1 Year Qhdtv Subscription Best Arabic/Turkish/French/Spanish IPTV
    Channels Stable Italian Germany Packages (1Yqhdtv). I bought it the 06/02/2018 on evybuy.com. The subscription is installed on my MAG254. I lived in France, in Paris. I have a very good internet connection with a very high speed fiber optical. But every two days and sometimes everyday my subscription doesn’t work on my MAG254. When i turn my MAG, my subscription does not load. And the days when it work, it load very slowly with a feeling of heaviness. I don’t know why because previous months there was not this problem. Sometimes when i watch a channel the term “connection problem”appears on the top of my screen. I also specify that my MAG254 had any material problem or something. There is the same problem with the subscription of my parents bought in the same website (evybuy.com) 10/22/2017. They have exactly the same subscription and the same equipment, the MAG254, as me. I don’t knew how you proceed but if you can, check your server. Maybe that there is a problem. Maybe there is now a large numbers because your product knew a big success which can destabilized your servers. Please can you check your servers, stabilized or debug them because it too long it lasts. In case you need it here is the mac address of my MAG254: 00:1A:79:3D:19:15. And the mac address of the MAG254 of my parents: 00:1A:79:3B:40:28. Please do something for my problem. I waiting an answer from you. Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my english.

  4. Wy not canal plus please. It’s not serious

  5. Many people call me because canal plus France not workings. Why it’s very not serious. I am going to by onather IPTV



  7. Hi !
    Could you please tell me how to force this update from a mac?

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