Dear All value customer and reseller

for improve the server quality .we have active the Anti-Restreaming progame on the server

it will automatic blocked the subscirption when it occurs

1.the singal customer enter the same user name more than one client

2.when a clinet logs on the user name on the two device on the same ip automatic ban

3.if the clinets has the username of more than one network different internet will ban automatic

4.when smartv clients or vlc  used at the same time on andorid ban automatic

5.if you try it on the server or OVH server ban automaic

6.if the reseller sell the subcrption twice for customer ban automatic

7.when customer login two device but not on same time is allow

if you have problem login the IUDTV and connection the server .please contact us directly by email  : [email protected]

we will help you active the subscription agian