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France VS Argentina who is winner ? free Get test code

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free Get the test on

SUBTV New version 2.0.9 please update to this version

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we have update the VOD server .

the old APK will  have problem on the series group

we have release the new version 2.09.please update to this version

APk download link

The QHDTV 1.6.0 Stable Version release

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The QHDTV 1.6.0 Stable Version release
1. optimize the program list update speed, improve the user experience
2. solve the issue of programming failed occasionally
3.Encrypt data,more secure and reliable
Please update your APk to this version

QHDTV PRO with H265 channel release soon

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New QHDTV PRO come with more than 120+ H 265 channel

with Bein moive ,series, Drama,Dreamworks , sports and MBC all Ad Sport MBCpro LBC SFRsport and other French Channel ,more than 120+ h 265 channel

come with more than 5000+ vod series and films . you can watch the movie on any time

Free test please click here  Free Test

APK download link

Download Now

H265 Channel List

Bein Movie 1 HD (H265)
Bein Movie 2 HD (H265)
Bein Movie 3 HD (H265)
Bein Movie 4 HD (H265)
Bein Series 1 HD (H265)
Bein Series 2 HD (H265)
Bein Drama HD (H265)
Bein DreamWorks HD (H265)
MBC1 HD (H265)
MBC2 HD (H265)
MBC4 HD (H265)
MBC Plus Drama (H265)
First HD (H265)
Yahala HD (H265)
Yahala Oula HD (H265)
Yahala Cinema HD (H265)
Fox Action HD (H265)
Fox Family Cinema HD (H265)
Disney Junior Ar HD (H265)
FX HD (H265)
LBC HD (H265)
MTV Lebanon HD (H265)
AL Jazeera HD (H265)
AD Nat. Geo. HD (H265)
AL Jazeera Doc. HD (H265)
Rotana Drama HD (H265)
Rotana Aflem HD (H265)
Rotana Cinema HD (H265)
AL Oula Maroc HD (H265)
Echourouk News HD (H265)
Echourouk HD (H265)
BeInSport News HD (H265)
BeInSport HD (H265)
BeInSport 1 HD (H265)
BeInSport 2 HD (H265)
BeInSport 3 HD (H265)
BeInSport 4 HD (H265)
BeInSport 5 HD (H265)
BeInSport 6 HD (H265)
BeInSport 7 HD (H265)
BeInSport 8 HD (H265)
BeInSport 9 HD (H265)
BeInSport 10 HD (H265)
BeInSport 11 HD (H265)
BeInSport 12 HD (H265)
BeInSport 13 HD (H265)
AD Sport 1 HD (H265)
AD Sport 2 HD (H265)
AD Sport 3 HD (H265)
AD Sport 4 HD (H265)
AD Sport 5 HD (H265)
MBC PRO 1 HD(H265)
MBC PRO 2 HD(H265)
MBC PRO 3 HD(H265)
KAAS 1 HD(H265)
KAAS 2 HD(H265)
Saudi Sport 1 HD(H265)
Saudi Sport 2 HD(H265)
BeInSport 1 FR (H265)
BeInSport 2 FR (H265)
BeInSport 3 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 1 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 2 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 3 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 5 FR (H265)
TF1 (H265)
M6 (H265)
France 2 (H265)
France 3 (H265)
France 4 (H265)
France 5 (H265)
France O (H265)
W9 (H265)
NRJ12 (H265)
HD1 (H265)
6 TER (H265)
ARTE (H265)
BFM (H265)
Cherie 25 (H265)
C8 (H265)
C-STAR (H265)
Equipe 21 (H265)
I-Tele (H265)
LCI (H265)
NT1 (H265)
Numero 23 (H265)
TMC (H265)
RMC Dec. (H265)
Canal+ FR (H265)
Canal+ Sport FR (H265)
Canal+ Decale FR (H265)
Canal+ Family FR (H265)
Canal+ Cinema FR (H265)
Canal+ Series FR (H265)
Cine Emotion (H265)
Cine Premier (H265)
Cine Frisson (H265)
OCS Max (H265)
OCS Geant (H265)
OCS Choc (H265)
OCS City (H265)
E. (H265)
Discovery Ch. (H265)
Discovery Family Fr. (H265)
Discovery Science Fr. (H265)
Discovery ID. Fr. (H265)
My cuisine Fr. (H265)
13 ieme Rue Fr. (H265)
Syfy (H265)
Serie Club (H265)
Canal J (H265)
Boomerang (H265)
Teletoon (H265)
Piwi (H265)
Disney CH. (H265)
Disney Junior (H265)
Toonami (H265)
Voyage FR (H265)
Ushuaia FR (H265)
Planet+ FR (H265)
Nat. Geo. FR (H265)
Nat. Geo. Wild FR (H265)
Sky Sport 1 IT (H265
Sky Sport 2 IT (H265
Sky Sport 3 IT (H265


SUBTV 2.07 Version release

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1.add search function, users can search to live TV, TV shows and movies more easier.
2. modify the epg display interface, more convenient to operate.
3. add lateral package switching function for the live list.
4. update kernel, improve image quality, add the DTS decoder support
APK download link

New H 265 channel add on 2018-3-16 for the SUBTV

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Voyage H265
13 EME RUE H265
NRJ 12 H265
TFX H265
RTL9 H265
6Ter H265
TF1 Series & Films H265

Welcome get test before order .

Where to Buy and Get Test

QHDTV New Channel add

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we add those new channel on qhdtv list
New channels
Arryadhia live hd
gm aflam
gm afrohits
gm chaabi
gm comedia
gm doc
gm drama
gm katakit
gm music
gm raparab
gm tamazight
—-Arabic premium—-
Nat geo Kids
altice studio
discovery family
BFM Paris
My Cuisine Tv
Carthage Tv

SUBTV 2.0.4 Version release

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1, the optimization of VOD TV show shows a series of dramas by season
2, add the function of the current VOD program to locate in the program list, and you can see the name and other information of the current play.
3, solve some bug, optimize fluency and improve stability

The new Leadtv IPTV solution release

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LeadTV is the Best Arabic & French IPTV solution .

After 2 year run the server .we have release the new Leadtv solution . it come with the 626+live channel and more than 1000+ VOD movice

and we have rebuild the APK for Android ,it compatible with Android 4.0-6.0 system . we have test on most andorid tv box .

and new Leadtv will use the new Code  .but the old Code also work with the new APK.Leadtv is the First version provide By the leadcool .Leadtv is famous on the Arabic IPTV market .

the New apk download link




IUDTV APK can not loading channel list problem fixed

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we have fix the IUDTV apk can not loading channel list problem
the play core system have problem .can not connect the server .
Now everything is fine
you can reboot the box and reopen the iudtv .enjoy it!

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