we have release the new QHDTV version 1.1.1

1. Rebuild the Player, higher Image quality and more smoothly.
2. Add Gestures,Volume and Luminance control to the mobile device.
3. Loop the channel list by remote control
4. Target to the current channel when click “ok” button

APK download link



  1. this version is freezing, the sound is working but the picture is freezing every 5 seconds.

  2. Good morning

    Since you release this update to QHD the app is crashing all the time and stutter on all channels.

    Device used is Minix 8H

  3. my customers are taking Subscription essentially to watch football on TV Tuesday September 12th and Wednesday, September 13th at 8:45 pm starts the league of football champions it is a very important competition watching all over the world thanks to pay attention that the be in sport chains works perfectly .canal pkus fr to.
    these days it is very important for the continuation of the subscription sales thanks

  4. With this update channels are not smooth on minix android box,crashes often and picture stuck.previous version was ok.

    • hi
      the new Player is required the network will be fast . it use the original google player .must better than last version .
      if you have freezen .please check your network .thanks!

      • Network is not the issue, I have download speed of 100 mbps and with QHD2 apk it works fine.

        Furthermore I can stream 4K videos from apps like Terrarium so network speed is not the issue.

        With QHD3 something is not right with the player.

        • hi the QHD3 with the google player .is buildin .maybe some box not good support .
          can you tell me which box you have used ?

  5. It freezoing the best qhdtv apk is qhdtvapk2,I am still using it

  6. The new image quality is AMAZING

    I love the update!

    Thank you so much all the team

    I’ll recommend this for my friends, you’ll win a lot of subscriptions 😀 Keep up the good work

    (By the way djano is right, the champions league is very important for people who love soccer/football in France. Thank you)

  7. Hi there
    Thank application not working at all today .. I have a lot of boxes with diffrEdnt accounts and all of them not working with qhdtv 3 .. what’s happen!?

    • I forgot to say the first thing appear log in page and after press OK it says “network error, please check your network”

  8. Suddenly the app is not working
    It was fine but now it says network error

  9. hi there can you plz add some arabic Christian channels i’m a seller and this will help me and you for selling more sub

  10. bonjour, depuis la derniere mise a jour ,j’ai un probleme avec qhdtv,fonctionne 5 minutes puis obliger d’éteindre ma box androide puis la relancé,obliger de faire ca toute les 5 minutes

  11. Hi,,

    Update is not working smooth with older Android ver.4 or below. even if you have a high spec Box (Ex.2GB/16GB).
    Solution until you will find a better stable update is to go beck and do not update to (latest 1.1.1 version)

  12. The new version keep reloading the channel and we couldn’t watch anything after update to 1.1.1
    Please fix this bug.

  13. Can you fixed AFRICA package please, and if possible add the new channels.

  14. Caro amigo, como faço para conseguir o codigo para assistir os canais?

  15. Guys, the application (QHDTV 1.1.1) is a piece of crap! buggy as hell. worse, many channels stutter or freeze like the USA channels. other channels keep disappearing. why can’t you have something reliable????

  16. 从昨天晚上起,法国BeIn Sport频道在全冠军联赛中不起作用,游戏形象已经停止,请快速修复,对我的客户来说,非常重要的是,整个星球正在看这个比赛今晚正在播放的第二部分比赛请快速修理,让所有客户都感到满意谢谢

  17. Some fariseies channeles are not working.


  18. chaine ARD allemgane

  19. Hi, now my “DALLETEK” device which I bought less than a month does not work at all, it shows blue led light all the time and no way to power it off from remote it has to be be either from the power cable or the small button behind and led light keep as blue. Can you please help me to fix that issue or advice how can I return the device back to the seller?
    I bought my device from Ali Express,order id : 86126642540590 order time ; 2017-08-31 23:53

  20. Can you make update for canalsat french channel new channel are avaible like polar+ , viceland, etc thank you

  21. hi friend

    friend why panel website not working ?

    please fix it

    • and all mbc hd channels not working friend please fix it

  22. there is 4 days now. and nearly all QHDTV channels stopped working either for android or enigma 2…no a such support or help from the company…its a chinese holiday…i think….BUT they should support their customers all the time…..SO where are they know…no help

  23. The Arabic Premium Channels dont work good the last days. Please Fix it because the costumers told me to often in the last days.

    Can you put the German Channels Bundesliga 2 and 3?

    What about the German Sky Select Channels?

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Hope you fine, we are using your IUDTV Server in MAG250 Box since last year and it working fine but since last 2 months we are facing one problem any channel fist time working but when we change channel and again go to same channel that time it not working.
    We are using that portal adress
    above portal we are using since last year that working fine, when facing that problem we also try below portal as well but the problem is same.

    Kindly do the needful,looking for Positive response.

    • hi .if possible .please change the dns server in the innner portal
      default dns server:
      and second dns server:

      • Sir.
        We try the same . But still same issue.
        This issue come with MAG Box. In IUDTV application working fine.
        We have customers for iudtv & Mag .
        Both are using iudtv server.
        Please help us

  25. hi
    could you check HBO channels on USA package ??? broadcast is the same on all channels…


  27. Hello
    Can you see for Portugal and Africa channels Senegal please
    Thanks very much
    Good day

  28. channel arab premium no fonction

    • problem was fixed

      • seevii aloula ,seevii drama ,seevii shamiya , fatafeat , osn first movie , cartoon network arabic ,b4u aflam , semsem, osn yahala all this channels does not work

        please fix it

  29. QHDTV PB

    There is a PB with 1026 NHL net. HD USA
    It doesn’t work and NFL net is instead of it. Could you please send again NHL net
    Thanks by advance

  30. hi dear friend

    my friend Bein so
    port 1 to 8 does not work , please fix it , there are important match today

    • the bein problem we can fix it in some hour .the problem was fixed already

  31. seevii aloula ,seevii drama ,seevii shamiya , fatafeat , osn first movie , cartoon network arabic ,b4u aflam , semsem, osn yahala all this channels does not work

    please fix it

  32. Hi dear friend
    All that’s channels does not work
    seevii aloula ,seevii drama ,seevii shamiya , fatafeat , osn first movie , cartoon network arabic ,b4u aflam , semsem, osn yahala
    Please fix it

  33. hallo

    arabic Premium only mbc hd working good but all seevii channels dos not work and Fatafeat channel .
    please can you fix it ?

    thank you .

  34. Some problems I detect :
    – Favourit list is not working in the android TV box but it works well in the phone. It saves the channels but it doesn’t go to the channel.
    – Update automatic not working (loop update) in the phone galaxy s7 edge. I had to download manually.

    • hi we will release the new update soon .
      for the favorite problem .please go to menu .make the factory reset . then input your code agian .the problem will be fixed

  35. hi Dear what about Africa channel 80% of channels does not work?????

  36. bonjour; toutes les chaines tv ne marche pas aujourd’hui pourquoi?

  37. hi

    all mag device and m3u list and smart tv not working at all please fix it

  38. Hello , all Channels dont Work on QHDTV
    Many Costumers called me…
    Please Fix.

  39. hallo
    I,am watching frome smart iptv program but all channels does not work please fix it please .

    thank you

  40. hello friend
    why all channels not working , we have important matchning today pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease fix it

  41. hello, please try to update a little the channels. the romanian channels ( protv, prima, hbo, etc) are not working.

  42. Hello dear friend,
    all channels are down since yesterday (qhdtv m3u subscription). I see your message that all was fixed today, so I checked again 1 minute ago and all is still down for me.
    Thank you.

  43. hallo friend

    why all all MBC HD channels stopping again

    please fix it and please cartoon network arabic channel and b4u aflam channel .

    thank you .

  44. Hello dear
    I have QHDTV program and I use the program on Samsung Smart TV but the channels have stopped working sins a week and the seller is not responding to the request for help Please help here and this is the order number912070834

    • hi .please reload the playlist on siptv.eu .you will get it work

  45. Hi

    Why don’t you add a buffering system? Like 1 min buffering time, the image will not freeze if a lot of people watch the channels (during football champions league for example)

    Please think about a buffering time it’d be awesome

  46. QHDTV Cyfra + polish tv does not work.

  47. How to add subtitles in other langauages like Arabic to the filmes

  48. All the channels not working with the last version. I am using a Minix. Any clue?

    • hi .Please power off you box .then after 2 mintues and power on . and try it agian .?

  49. hello
    benelux no funtion rtltvi la1 ladeux latrois no function

  50. can u fix arabic bein sport. especially 2 and 3


  51. Channel: ES:Canal+Liga is not stable, every 30-40 seconds is cut

  52. hello; application qhdtv3 not working ;but m3u vlc work.please

    • is the dns problem .we have fix it .please try agian .

      • Hi,

        Could you please check “Mauritania” channels why is not working, clients reported its not working for nearly a month .
        All channels is not working except 1&2


  53. I have a blocked account on qhdtv I accidentally ran 2 at once while swapping boxes can it be cleared?

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