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the QHDTV iPhone/iPad Version problem fixed

we have fixed the QHDTV app version on the iOS for iPhone and iPad

please unstall the qhdtv from your iPhone or iPad first

then open this link 

reinstall the apps again



  1. Hi
    I payed one year code but when i put it on my ipad qhdtv app it say : problem connecting to the server


  2. hi
    I paid one year code,but when i put it on may Ipad it says : problem connecting the server

    please help

    • Please send your code .we will help you check it . and if the connection serverproblem .please un stall the app from your ipad .and reinstall agian

  3. The app on mobile not working anymore IOS users

  4. My QHDTV stopped working since Sunday 08/18/2018. I have tried to uninstall and install the app but same thing
    this happen after OI updated the app current version is 1.7.5

    please help

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