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IUDTV for Android

the IUDTV for android ,support Android 4.2 to 7.1

you can get the APk on this link .the APK support auomatic Update if new version release


after you install the APk on your device .just input your code .or you can swtich to old panel(username password)login

IUDTV for enigma2

You need use the DCC or Putty connect to your box . Telnet input the auto script

you can install the iudtv on your box

IUD_linux_1 IUD_linux_2 IUD_linux_3 IUD_linux_4

IUDTV for mag25x

you need provdie your mac address to seller .after you input our portal
IMAG0886 IMAG0887 IMAG0888 IMAG0889 IMAG0890 IMAG0893 IMAG0896 IMAG0898 IMAG0900 IMAG0901 IMAG0904


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