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the server maintince from 15:00

Need 1-2 hour.

we are so apologize for it.

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  1. Paulo Fagundes

    no sound in the most of channels list

    • leadcool

      hi .can you tell us which channel is problem ?
      we will fix it !

    • Lajos

      That’s really thniikng of the highest order

  2. kako

    al: dm sat

  3. kako

    de: select 1
    de: sekect 2
    no sound in the most of channels list

  4. problm

    in the screen there is logo turns android i can’t go inside the box means to wacht it what can i do

  5. sami

    I changed to native because a lot of channels has only sound. But at native the channels repeats itself.

  6. sam


    i’m trying to activate my code but not leting me


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