IUDTV server maintance 20 minteus

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IUDTV server maintance 20 minteus

we can not notice all customer .please wait 20 minteus .server will back


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  1. Pontus åkerhage

    Would be nice if you can add the time of the postings. In that way the customers can know if the problem they experience right now depends on the issue that you are posting. I have problems with lagging channels. Maybe this was the issue? (about 1 hour ago it started)

  2. Daniel

    Is it possible to add swedish shannel Viasat Premium and also add more Cmore live channels.I think they are 5 or 6. You have one of them availible.

  3. El

    is it still down?

    • mar

      Is UIDTV still down??

    • Ilir

      Is still down

  4. Pontus

    yes. for me as well

  5. mar

    Is UIDTV still down??

  6. atsop

    Can’t Connect with the server

  7. atsop

    Is the server down?

  8. Garmin

    Its not working

  9. Bruno

    Since yesterday, the server is failed.

    What’s going on?

  10. Mr tom

    Still down today

  11. martin

    server still down …can u c
    give us a better explaining !

  12. pol

    not working, all black

  13. Ghassen

    Qhdtv also down please help

  14. ankit

    Iudtv down for two days please help

    • leadcool

      is the DNS problem .the problem was solved already .do you still problem on?

  15. ankit

    Problem is solved but your dns issue was for 2 days.. shud hv been resolved in less than 24hrs.

  16. [email protected]

    reseller panel is down the qhdtv does not work

  17. Totopic

    Iudtv is down again, and this happends almost every nights!
    What is that problem?

  18. Danny

    hello are you awake? This of course is useless in this way.

  19. Maher Salih

    Does the IUDTV subscription include the Mag25x activation and the Android app? I understand that I can’t use them in the same time but if I have the mag25x in one room and the android app in another room then I will use one at a time. Thanks,

    • leadcool

      the IUDTV mag25x and andorid is different .so you can only choice one device .


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