We have update the IUDTV channel list

the client device can be  update automatic

new Package Bulgarian add . and more Arabic channel and more Ex-YU channel

More inforamtion .please look here


  1. Hello,
    I see that in french list first 3 channel’s are not right channel for the moment .


    Your servers in San Francisco very slow in evening. 95 of popular channels buffer! DAYTIME is ok. I have 100Mbit connection so should be no problem.
    Other brandname IPTV working fine. Their servers located in Hong Kong for example.
    Can you change my account so that I connect somewhere else (not in US) automatically?


  3. Hello my friends, you say that you updated EX-YU Chanells, i have ben asking now for a month with your reseller, i have many customers and im missing a few chanells. Can u help me out ?

    IDJ-TV Club
    OTV Valentino

  4. Bein french is not that Channel…Wrong : instead There is nrj12

  5. Hi!
    I Think the new release iudtv2 is not good its difficult to use to change from country to Another. iudtv1 ar the the best of all in the android tv plese keep it .


  6. hello .my channels freeze all the time.how can i fixc it?

  7. Hope you fine, we are using your IUDTV Server in MAG250 Box since last year and it working fine but since last 2 months we are facing one problem any channel fist time working but when we change channel and again go to same channel that time it not working.
    We are using that portal adress
    above portal we are using since last year that working fine, when facing that problem we also try below portal as well but the problem is same.

    Kindly do the needful,looking for Positive response.

  8. hello friend.
    Scandinavian channels must be updated especially Danish channels
    3+ dk show another channel etc.
    please make it.


  9. Channel: ES:Canal+Liga is not stable, every 30-40 seconds is cut

  10. hello dear IUDTV at a time customers were happy me as well as INDIAN VOD was there and now all INDIAN VOD gone what happen can you please fixed ,..thank you.

  11. Have IUDTV subscription and am disappointed in that the USA & Canadian channels are not available. That is why I purchased IUDTV. Other sites such as BESTIPTVUSA can provide trhis service. My subscription with you is for 2 years. Please advise when those channels will be updated into IUD TV. Especially the HD Channels

    • hello according to some reason .we have remove the usa channel from the list.we will add it back on august

  12. Is that all of the USA & Canadian SD & HD Channels. When in August do you expect this to happen. Thank you for the information

  13. Can you please advise when the USA & Canadian Channels will be put back. You said by August. When is that going to happen. Currently not using my subscription.

  14. When is a new version of IUDTV due to be released?

  15. When is a new version of IUDTV going to be released to include upgrades, fixes and bringing it to the same level as your other products

  16. Please read emails sent to [email protected]

  17. bonjour
    Good share.
    In my opinion the great premium iptv servers are those from fishbone cloud
    I would like to see more posts like this

  18. Missing one Swedish channel, C more live 5
    Is that in the making?

  19. Dear sir,

    What about the Greek sportschannels. They don’t work properly. Very bad because i recommended the product to a lot of friends

  20. Good evening 10 days ago i Made
    A subscription iudtv of 1year
    $44,99 i was wrong i wanted that
    Purple Sub tv 1 year to $47,29
    I wanted to know if you can change
    Naturally adding the difference

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