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French channel and beinsport is fixed on qhdtv

Last some days .we have porblem on one dataserver .
cause french channe not stable . freezen and not work
we have fix the data server problem
now french and beinsport channel is work ok
and we are making the new Apps now. share the new UI desgin to you

the new Apps will finsih in 20 days .

then we will giveyou download link




  1. Hello,
    thank you for your response.

    Thank you to tell the engineer that he adds the Discovery Channel France and Discovery sciences FR (Like SFR Sport) Because there are customers who ask to buy more subscription

  2. Hi
    Thank you for your job
    Good team !!
    Don t change

  3. Hi

    Users are still complaining about frozen channels, and it is not good for the business
    Moreover certain channels haven’t the adequate name


  4. Uk channels on iudtv not stable, always stopping

    • we have add the new internet on the server .so the channel is ok now .we are woking to server and baned many restreaming account .

  5. Yes of course it would nice of you to add Discovery channels french

  6. Great job keep going and try to fix problems asap

  7. First, Your service is one of the best IPTV service available. if not the best. However there is small glitches that can be fixed.
    please check the french channels in IUDTV. some of them freez a lot. like Boomerang, Discovery Science, Canal+ is dead link, Paris Premierre show Paramount Channel. Some channels also without sound, like Itele, Cine+ Famiz.

    • hi .thanks for you kindly report .we will fix it in 24 hour thanks!

      • Leadcool are the best. keep the good work.
        Adding EPG and channel group for m3u to your service and it will be a killer.

        • Hi leadcool team … good work good server everything very good … thank you for your good work

  8. I went over this web site and I conceive you have a lot of wonderful information, bookmarked (:.

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for fixing some french channels.

    Could you Please check the Audio on DiscoveryScience French. there is no sound att all. Thanks

  10. Hello, there is a problem for displaying be in sport 1 FR in qhdtv… The image is like in 3D… Weird…

  11. Hi
    Since I downloaded the new apk ; channel list is displaying but all of the channels are not working

    Only VOD movies are working fine

    In old apk and in that channels were working
    Can you please help, why is this problem?

    • hi .please do not ues the code on 2 device on same time .maybe this problem
      by they way .which box you have used it ?
      it work on mort andorid box .but on mxqpro tx1 .not work .is the box image problem

  12. Dutch Channels HD are stuttery at the moment. All the FOX sports and I just tried to wastch SBS6 HD, but it is not really watchable. My connection speed is 200mbit so it is fast enough

  13. Leadcool are the best.
    Yesterday I started using channels QHDTV
    Wonderful company channels without any interruption or cutting
    Request that you will:
    Add please.
    – Channel ( ARABICA )
    – And some OSN channels such as DRAMA _ CINEMA
    Because there is only one channel YAHALA from OSN channels
    Thanks to you all for the wonderful your efforts
    I hope you add more and new channels

  14. i don’t have Ziggo sport Sport Extra 2 and other channels on hdtv.
    in BENELUX not only 37 channel ????
    please how i can to update channel list or application Qhdtv

    • hi .because the cards problem we have remove the not work channel on the benelux package . and the channel list alrady update on the device
      we will add it back when we solve the cards problem

  15. 27 02 2017
    On QHDTV
    -Bein movies 1
    The first channel in menu
    Is cutting.
    -Bein sport 5
    Is cutting.
    -Benelux only 37 channels

    We are dead sure you will fix it.

    Thanks for your support

  16. Hello,

    Is it possible to add Toonami FR in french channel ?


  17. When i press Bein movies 1: freezing.
    When i press Bein movies 2: the channel is Bein movies 1 but working excellent.
    Bein movies 3 freezing.
    Bein movies 4 working excellent.
    Bein sport 5 freezing.

    Where Bein movies 2???
    I don’t have it know ?

    Arabic premium ;
    Fx movies action and family…. All these channels don’t working ??

  18. Hi Leadcool Team
    What about the new QHDTV app? 20 days have already passed

  19. Hi best IPTV team;
    please check some Turkish channels in QHDTV. like TIVIBU SPORT 1 & 2 and SMART SPORT 1 & 2 ……. Thank you

  20. Hi,
    There is no sound on Boomerang FR in canalsat.
    Could you check thank you

  21. A lot of dutch channels are gone and a lot don.t work at all .do you have problems .with the server

  22. hi 2-8-2017
    I have12 people can sell leadcool , before we have no probleme, but know some channels is lost and the people can conplain. how can i bring back these channels on the system.
    otherwise i will lost all the customer. thank you and i want to add some channels please in the system. one of them is somali channels , HCTV, and universal tv all are in africa packages. thank you

  23. Hi
    still i have question for leadcool please i want to add some channels in the system. all those channels are in thaicom satellite and i have their frequency please can you show how can i added up these channels please because i have a customers if they don,t found their channels will be nothing the machine. please and please accept our demend to bring back these channels are lost and those channels to added up . thank you

  24. can i use my code on two devices my phone and andriod bos

    • Yes .you can use the code to new box .but do not use it on the two box on same time

  25. QHDTV Bein Sports not working from 1-16, please fix it, Please
    every weekend not working why is that?

    • Hello, can you fix the problem with Bein 1 for France ?!

      it always said that there’s a problem (since 3 days now – 09 july 2018)… and we can only watch bein 2 …

      thanks a lot !

  26. Hello, can you fix the problem with Bein 1 for France ?!

    it always said that there’s a problem (since 3 days now)… and we can only watch bein 2 …

    thanks a lot !

  27. Hello, can you fix the problem with Bein 1 for France ?!

    it always said that there’s a problem (since 3 days now – 09 july 2018)… and we can only watch bein 2 …

    thanks a lot !

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