Due to the power failure of OVH, some of our QHDTV servers have not been fully recovered. We received a new notice from OVH, Unfortunately, we still have several groups of servers that haven’t recovered yet.
We have transferred the APK login verification and some data to another standby server at the beginning of the outage, but our channels are forwarded through other OVH servers, because there is no standby worldstreaming server, now there is no way to do data transfer, only when the OVH fully restore the server can resume normal.
We are very sorry for the failure of this time.
The following services are affected
Login authentication for old APK
login authentication for IOS
SKY Channels, Polish Channels
The latest OVH notifications can be found below:


if you use the old apk can not login .

Please download the new QHDTV3 version

download link