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All Sports channel in the IUDTV package

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Get test direcly online

click here get test

QHDTV Benlux channel list update

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because the channel problem on the server .so we remove the problem channel from the Benelux pacakge .

we will try our best and fix the cards problem .then add back the channel



QHDTV problem on the Smarttv device can be fix in some hour

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we are sorry for that

one Problem occured on the domian DNS loop

we ae working on it . it can be fix in some hour

if you use the QHDTV on samsung tv .please wait some hours


French channel and beinsport is fixed on qhdtv

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Last some days .we have porblem on one dataserver .
cause french channe not stable . freezen and not work
we have fix the data server problem
now french and beinsport channel is work ok
and we are making the new Apps now. share the new UI desgin to you

the new Apps will finsih in 20 days .

then we will giveyou download link




Warning for illegal use on our server

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During the Africa soccer Cups .

we monitor many illegal use , they restreaming it to the server and make our server too much problem

Channel freezen and stop

we will baned all problem code or account once system monitor the restreaming and nerver active .

for keep the stable server and all customer happy.

please do not try to take problem on our server .

Leadcool Team



Try the auto send scriptions and get test directly online

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we have make the new program on the .if you buy qhdtv iudtv leadtv on shop .our system will deliver the code within 1 mintues .and you will directly get the code without any waiting .so fast , try it now .

how to use the reset button for the qhdtv reseller pannel

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Notice for the reseller

we have add new button on the reseller pannel

is the reset button .

if your customer tell you his code was stolen or his code have problem can not connect  since another connection already

so you can click reset button

the code will change last 4 digit .

then you can copy the code . send him agian

Christmas promotion: Get 7 days LeadTV for free

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La fin de l’année approche, nous tenons à vous remercier pour la confience et le soutien que vous avez témoigné, à partir d’aujourd’hui, vous aurez une réduction après avoir commandé sur n’import quel produit chez notre magasin. Et vous pouvez gagner graduitement 7 jours LEADTV pendant la période de Noël après avoir aimé notre home page LEADCOOL et partagé ce post. Je vous aime beaucoup et gros bisou!!! PS: N’ouvbliez pas de nous envoyer à l’adresse (, les images capturées sur l’écran dans lesquelles vous pourriez prouver que vous aurez aimé et partagé. (La promotion se terminera le 2 Jan 2017)


Thank you for your confidence and support for all of 2016, from today, you can get discount from our shop for buying any product. And every body can get 7 days LEADTV for free by liking our home page and sharing this post, and don’t forget that send me the images captured from the screen in where you can prove that you would have liked and shared to my email

The new Leadtv IPTV solution release

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LeadTV is the Best Arabic & French IPTV solution .

After 2 year run the server .we have release the new Leadtv solution . it come with the 626+live channel and more than 1000+ VOD movice

and we have rebuild the APK for Android ,it compatible with Android 4.0-6.0 system . we have test on most andorid tv box .

and new Leadtv will use the new Code  .but the old Code also work with the new APK.Leadtv is the First version provide By the leadcool .Leadtv is famous on the Arabic IPTV market .

the New apk download link




Free Perfect Player Android APK for QHDTV

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if some customer want the apk with remote contorl change the channel by up/down button

and want the new OSD menu

you can download the perfect player apk from here

after you install it on your android device

go to Seting->general->playlist

just put the url

then save .

you will enjoy the new OSD

thanks Hafed provide and test the apps!

Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-29 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-38 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-44 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-51 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-16-57 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-17-14 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-17-20 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-17-28 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-18-11 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-18-18 Screenshot_2016-05-23-19-18-35

IUDTV APK Proble solved please download the new APK

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we have solve the IUDTV APK

please Download the APK here

if you used the old ipsatpro apk

You need uninstall the ipsat pro and the provide core apk

Enjoy it



QHDTV DDOS Final solution

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At present, QHDTV has been transferred to Cloudflare. Through cloudflaree we blocked most of the DDOS attack and made the data more secure. Through CLOUDFLARE CDN acceleration, We offer more smooth service.
We are so regret about the service interruptions caused by the attack a few days ago. Using CLOUDFLARE service is to provide customers higher quality services.

we will extend 1 month subscription for all sold customer .

and we will add the EPG function on the server !

We will try our best to maintain the whole service. Any question, please contact our customer service in a timely manner.




Stop Support KODI plugin

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I am sorry for notice all customer and reseller

because the Kodi is can be make restreaming ,cause the server too much Freezen .

so we stop support the KODI plugin

if you use the andorid box ,please download the APK .

if you other receiver ,we have the special program for it .


Leadcool Team


QHDTV new Channel Bein Max 1 and Bein Max 2 special for Africa soccer cup

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QHDTV new Channel Bein Max 1 and Bein Max 2 special for Africa soccer cup

WSTV server Problem

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I am sorry for nice all WSTV customer

the server have problem .we can not make it online in the expected time。

the server will be online at end of this month

we will extrend 1 month free for all exist customer .


IUDTV new ADD channel

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IUDTV chanel list update

here is the new add chanel .

IT: Sky Fox Animation HD
IT: Sky Fox Comedy HD
IT: Sky Fox Crime HD
IT: Sky Fox Life HD
IT: Sky Fox HD
IT: Milan Channel
IT: Inter Channel
IT: Roma Tv
IT: Juventus
TR: Filmbox Karnval In 1 HD
TR: Filmbox Karnval In 2 HD
TR: Filmbox inevision 1 HD
TR: Filmbox Karnval 1 HD
TR: Filmbox Karnval 2 HD
TR: Filmbox Sinetivi 1 HD
TR: Filmbox Sinetivi 2 HD
TR: Filmbox Nostalgia HD
TR: Filmbox Yesilcam HD
TR: Filmbox Special HD
TR: Filmbox xerotic HD
TR: Filmbox Drama HD
TR: Filmbox Family HD
TR: Filmbox VIXX Turk HD
TR: Filmbox VIXX Horror HD
TR: Filmbox VIXX Aksiyon HD
TR: Filmbox VIXX Comedy HD
TR: Filmbox Turkmax Gurme HD
TR: Filmbox Turk HD
TR: Filmbox Aile HD
TR: Filmbox FIL HD
TR: Filmbox Digi maxan 2 TV
TR: Filmbox Digi TV
TR: Filmbox Digi 2 TV
TR: VIP Channel 1 HD
TR: VIP Channel 2 HD
TR: Filmbox Dark HD
TR: Animasyon HD
TR: Bloomberg HT HD
AL: Crime & Invedtigation
AL: National Geographic
AL: Nat Geo Wild HD
AL: Discovery ID Channel
AL: Animal Planet HD
AL: Cine Star Action
PL: CC Family
PL: CBS Reality
PL: CBS Drama
PL: Fox Comedy HD
PL: Fox HD
AR: Osn Movies Family HD
AR: Osn Movies Hollywood
AR: Osn Fight Network HD
AR: Osn National Geo HD
AR: Osn Nat Geo Wild HD
AR: Osn Nat Geo People HD
AR: Osn Sport Criket HD
AR: Osn Sports 1 HD
AR: Osn Sports 2 HD
AR: Osn Sports 3 HD
AR: Osn Sports 4 HD
AR: Al Ghad Al Mushreq
AR: Maspero Zaman
AR: DMC Sports
AR: ON Sport
AR: Al Assema
AR: Libya Rasmia
AR: Libya Panorama
AR: Libya Hurra
AR: Libya Al Watan
AR: Libya 24
AR: Roya TV
AR: Attassia TV

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