You can now create your own IPTV Company, you’ll get your own server & panel installed to manage unlimited customers with your very own automated system. Take advantage of our packages below for you to start reselling our IPTV portal to your clients where you can start managing your own sales and members at ease and a very simple user interface YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL! Let us set you up and start distributing your services today.

Your Own reseller Panel


Full access to statistics and usage history

You are the IPTV Distributor therefore you are in control




Frequently asked questions

You want to make more money but you don’t want to leave the current job. You can become Reseller IPTV.
To get a reseller account and see how it works you can contact us on email [email protected]
We will send a demo panel to you as quickly as possible.

we will send the demo panel .and the video teach you how it work 

all is activce code .you just click some button .everyhing will be complete

we have more than 130 servers all over the world including Germany, Sweden, the US, Netherlands,…

we use the auomatic Active system .

once the code input APP or download the m3u file or connect to server .the code will be automatic Active on the server . 

it not expired if the code not active !

with The speical Plan .you can have the Subreseller Fuction 

and you can make the own reseller pannel by youselve .add /delete/ban/unban the suscption by you selves

for the Special Plan .we can provdie the customerized Package list .please contact our seller

With the Customerized APK .we can display the Contact information when the subscption Nearly expired during 30 Days .your Customer will contact you and renew it. is make more profit !

With the customerized APK .we can display 10s or 6S Ads before the Vod or Channel play .you can easy introduce your business!