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During the Africa soccer Cups .

we monitor many illegal use , they restreaming it to the server and make our server too much problem

Channel freezen and stop

we will baned all problem code or account once system monitor the restreaming and nerver active .

for keep the stable server and all customer happy.

please do not try to take problem on our server .

Leadcool Team



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  1. Samy

    Good News, thanks for the Information , but over 1 week the LIG TV Channels dont work and the Star Tv Channel dont work too. Please fix it, and thanks in advance !!

    • enrico

      Thanks for the Information ,but now the LIG TV Channels of the new Bein sport Turkish sport soccer dont work and the Star Tv,a tv,d tv and another more Channels dont work too.And the benelux packet channels hbo1,2,3 Please fix it, and thanks in advance !!

      • leadcool

        the benelux channel fixed

  2. Laura

    Thanks for the information and good luck!

    Several French channel (as SyFy, Serie Club, Disney XD ect…) are off.

    Can you please update us when the issue is solved

  3. Daniel

    But still can’t watch any game ….pic freezing like hell

  4. Yousuf

    Hello ,
    All the German channels gets freeze ..looks like buffering..Each movies get stopped buffered and starts again.. It spoil the mood of watching the movie.. please correct and solve the issue.


  5. Ahmed H

    Many of Iraqi channels not working with IUDTV.

  6. Jad kadi

    Could see for lig tv in turkish package they no longer work apparently it became bein sports

  7. mohammed

    all QHDTV CHANNEL not work for me i tried a lot but no result what s the problem

    • leadcool

      hi .we have fix the channel problem

  8. ziad jabbar. email [email protected]

    good day sir,
    i got 4 days ago the subscription for iudtv and i am using mag254, evry time i trry to connecit with the server it says connection broblem and after trying 6 or 8 times somtime i get connection but i i watch channels the connection problem appear again while the channel still working but dosn,t show the channel list. i have anather server from here in canada and nothin happend like this.please advise what i have to do to fix the problem.

    • leadcool

      hi .this is not server problem .please checkyour network .is problem on your network problem .if you can send your mac addresss and your ip to [email protected] .we will helpyou check the problem .thanks!

  9. Roy

    Why is Ziggosport / Sport 1 not working anymore ?

    • leadcool

      hi .we have fix the benelux sports channel
      now Fox 1 to6 and ziggosport sports all is working

  10. superryyyy

    Your service is bad, many BEIN, SKY channels do not work!

    • leadcool

      is not correctly .please provdie the pic or vidoe .or you provide your account to :[email protected]
      we will help you check it

  11. Bart-Jan Peteri

    Many Dutch channels stopped

    Fox 3
    Fox 4
    Fox 5
    Fox 6
    Ziggo Sport

    This is the reason I buy Leadcool!

    • leadcool

      hi .the Netherland Fox channel solve .

  12. Khaled

    Dear leadcool team

    My subscription is 6 days old its not working any more
    can you please fix this for me.

    Best regards Khaled

    • leadcool

      Your code was baned because Violation of our agreement.

  13. Totopic

    No French channel today on QHDTV!
    Do compensation !

    • leadcool

      hi .the Frech channel problem on qhdtv was solved .thanks!

  14. Djano92

    Hi please tchek links
    Many french channels no works

  15. Djano92

    Hi please tchek links
    Many french channels no works
    My clients are disturb

    • leadcool

      hi .we have fix the QHDTV problem . beacuse one dataserver offline .

      • Adam

        Hi. Still same problem on Qhdtv

  16. Adam


    I’m trying to watch the super-bowl starting in 30mn, and bein sports french/Arabic don’t work. The same thing for W9!
    what can I do?

  17. André Krijnberg

    Hi Leadcool Team
    All channels works for two days en now works nothing
    I have it sinds 27-01-2017
    can you fix this for me?

  18. Filipe

    its been several days that some french channel doesn’t work in QHDTV D8,Manga,game one,TF1, AB1 and surely others, could you please fix them.
    with best regards.

  19. Eliot

    Hello again !
    Now I have paid for the second client the PayPal see confirm oreder!
    But ask you to send Enigma two files via email for a year Dreambox 800HD
    The quality of the image in the Swedish channels are very bad last time produce HD quality at all what you can do about the problem so it becomes more stable quality

  20. Filipe

    why did you remove my comment?? some french channels do not work on qhdtv. for example Manga, game one, and surely others. Not talking about the ones who are freezing constantly or work sometimes like D8. I would expect you to contact me to solve it, but instead you ignore my request and remove the comment?? Are you serious??

  21. Filipe

    I am sorry you didn’t remove the first comment but you can remove the second one an this one. but please fix the channels if possible or contact me.

  22. Jad

    Some channels in the French package like national geo and boomerang teletoon do not work can you fix it please

  23. Yasser


    qhdtv url does not work

    • leadcool

      do you use on smarttv .now the domain problem
      you can try to download the m3u file http://my.iptv-plugin.com/vlc.php?code=yourcode
      then conver to playlist .then upload the tv agian .
      we will fix the domain problem in somr hours

  24. Karim

    I’ve 2 accounts with you guys, one on Mag250 and the other one on VLC.

    Both are not working properly, it cats all the time, it’s freezing since yesterday.

    • leadcool

      Please contact us on email : [email protected] .and tell us which channel name .
      we will fix it

  25. Mauricio

    Contact you is worthless. I have sent 3 emails with no answer. I have 2 subscriptions and they will not be renewed. All italian channels are in constant buffering.


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