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The SUBTV add the new Live Channel and VOD

we have update the new Chanel list
The Itlay Germany channel list update .
the VOD add more 700+ VOD
all the Client will be automatic update when you next login

  1.  Hello
    I wanted to point out that several French TV channels no longer works in this case all Channel +, OCS, CINÉ premier, emotion etc…..
    Only the small chains work and it is the ones that are free in France.
    Waiting for an answer from you.

  2. All french Channel no stream.
    Please fix
    Be in sport arabia no stream to
    Many client call me

  3.  It’s good all works great.
    Thank you

  4. QHDTV have some channel not working
    EuroNews Arabic from long long time a go stop .
    OSN channel disappear.
    Arabic Cartoon movies now we can see it on smart iptv .
    Iran and russian channels still not shown on smart iptv.
    the QHDTV app sometime show me the channel not working, when i return to the seam channel working good, i think the problem is in the QHDTV app.

    I hope you maintain your level of work and always stay the best and find good solutions as soon as possible.


  5. Hi, please check IUDTV with Romanian channels, almost all channels has problems, very very and very bad because not respected channels one channel is repeated maybe 10 times, languages is not Romanian (RUSSIAN AND HUNGARIAN) I have patience almost 5 months but nothing fix.

  6. Please

    today and tomorrow is the resumption of the league of football champions. the whole planet is waiting for the big teams’ matches. thank you to watch for the channel qhdtv french sport bein sport and channel more fr works. in order to keep our customers. Its very important. our customers subscribe especially for football. I count on you. we must show that we are serious. and the best. thank you.

  7. hello,

    many times with SUBTV app i’ve the message “Channel problem, please report to your reseller”

    there is any known issue with app?
    any update to solve this?

    best regards

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