The QHDTV3 APK release the new version can be update automatic

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New APK release . the customer can be updata automatic
1.Add the Auto Start Function ,you can select auto start under setting ,the apk will auto start when box reboot .do not open it if you use it on mobile
2.Fix everytime need input the code
3.Add the reset default setting once click apk will clear the data
4.Fix the channel info Logo size
5.Fix the Channel list Font Color Once select
6.Fix once channel problem ,display the erro page

QHDTV Arabic












download link

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    now iam using it
    very nice

    thanks allot

    but one problem OSN YAHALA the colors not clear and the pictur not clean please fix it

    leadcool you are the best

  2. brahim boud

    problème de qualité d ‘image de qhdtv 3 sur android tv 4.4 ; c’est pas comme qhdtv 2 merci de corriger le problème leadcool.

  3. TAZI

    There is always a problem with the writing. It is very small and we just see the logo at the end of the channel : we have to see it at the beginning just beside the name of the channel to repere ourself You have to inspire from NEO. Apk which is Best…

  4. Jo

    I don’t know what’s the problem exactely, but the last 3 days i can’t watch qhdtv anymore on enigma and also on android.
    I get the message: Our server was attacked by a ufo, please drink a cup coffee!
    I have tried everything, something live channels works for max one hour and then it stops. But vod works properly. So i would like to know how i can resolve this problem if it is possible.

    • leadcool

      do you still problem on it ?

      • Lightning

        I am having the same exact problem as Jo! None of the live channels work on Android it shows me the UFO. Same for all of my clients (I am a reseller) what is happening?!

  5. Jo

    Well, vod movies is not working anymore!! Now everything is dead.

    • leadcool

      is fixed already

  6. Taleb Sabbek

    Problem still
    Police very big on phone.
    Not working on 4g data.

    • mitch

      c pareil pour moi 4g/3g data not working

  7. jf92

    please what s happend with leadtv don’t work from 3 days thanks

    • leadcool

      the System update to HLS connection .please use the leadtv2.apk

  8. lotf

    I confirm image problem, the picture is not HD. (I have a very fast connection)

    Please adjust the benelux chains


    At the last update
    The size font very small
    The menu very small
    Its very baaaaad

    Please make it larger

    • leadcool

      which device do you use it ?if on android box on tv .the size is ok .if more big .is not good for view

  10. Djano92

    Hi please french channels cut

  11. Yay

    Hi. A lot of french channel out (canal+, canal + cinema,…, bein sport and other). Can you fix it please ? Thank you, you are the best 😉

    • leadcool

      the problem was fix

  12. Daniel

    Alot of channels are down especially bein sport channels
    Please quick fix

  13. Mounir


    why channel pecture is not in high quality ?

    Thanx you

    • leadcool

      the new apk will low the quality depend on the network connection .maybe you can try with another provider

  14. Barsa

    Benelux channels not working at all!!!
    Maybe 2 channels work.
    Also the missing Should be back this month.
    Well this month is almost over.

    Please fix !!!!?

  15. Daniel

    Syria drama need to be fix
    Mbc max need to be fix

  16. Daniel

    Last week the whole server is not stable
    Cant watch anything
    Wasn’t like that couple weeks ago

    Try to find a solution

  17. James

    Turkish lig tv does not work any more. I just bought for that reason.

  18. Dhaf

    Hi.i downloaded the last version of qhdtv3 1.0.6 and i got ufo message on all live channels with 4g connection (i don’t use wifi)
    Only vod is working. Please fix it as previous version was working fine this week.

    • leadcool

      hi .please send your code to : [email protected] .i will help you check it

  19. Roberto


    Nothing is loading on my LG smart tv (today there was an update in webos), all was working fine till a couple of hours ago. All channels are on “connecting” now. Can you tell me a solution. Obviously have iudtv subscription. thanks.

  20. AGHIAD

    please you have to fix alot of channels
    Alot Alot of channels don’t working from yesterday and till now…..
    please you always promise me but don’t do anything…
    if you will not fix all the chanells wich not working with its about all Syrian channels… all music channels… Almayaden.. all mbc channels hd…. fx hd and fox movies……
    about 30 channels..
    and you have to update the list its very important…..
    alot off channels removed to new frequency……
    you have to fixxxxxxxxxx
    i bought tv box with subscription Qhdtv for 1 year……
    you have to fix all these channels And update the list….

  21. Daniel

    All Syrian channels are broken
    Most of the Bein channels are down

    Need fast fix

    Please and thank you

    • AGHIAD

      Yes please we always have to tell them about all of the chanells which are not working and they have to fix it because we have paid abig amount of money and they have to update the chanell’s list

      All subscribers have to ask them to fix Qhdtv

  22. jad

    HI Leadcool Team
    What about turkish channels 80% of channels no longer work!!!
    can you fix it please

  23. Daniel

    Good job qhdtv team

    All syrian channels
    Al mayadeen

    Worked for 20 min…and stop working

    Realy great team

    • AGHIAD

      now all chaneels donot working

      really great team

  24. Ahmed H

    Many of QHDTV channels not working or working some times. What is important is not the large number of channels, but the stability of the channels and their continuation without interruption, if you want the percentage of sales focus on quality of service.

  25. Bentaha Mohamed

    Hi all channeles dont working please do same thing thanks

    • leadcool

      no .the QHDTV is ok . please email your code to [email protected] .and get help .maybe you code was baned

  26. AGHIAD

    Please please please
    Alot of channels removed to new frequencies.
    Sama syria,wanasa, mbcmax, mbc 4 and other channels…

    Please you have to update your list…..

    Bein moves all chanells don’t working…

    Please you have to update and fix

  27. Daniel

    Alot of channels removed to new frequencies.
    Sama syria,wanasa, mbcmax, mbc 4 and others
    you have to update your list…..

    Bein movies channels not working…

    By the way
    Do we have to tell you when to fix and what to fix or it should be ur work to do so

  28. Momo

    Hello people … if you have problems send an e-mail … with e-Mail you will get better and faster than here over the chat box … send your problems and which Channel are offline to this e mail address… [email protected]
    Have a nice day

    • AGHIAD

      I sent 100 email to this email
      But they don’t care

  29. Djano92

    Dear friend
    Please européen champions league football in 11 ans 12 april
    Evrybody will ne watch
    Pkease tchek french canal plus and bein sport
    Thanks !!!

  30. AGHIAD

    Sama syria and wanansa removed to new frequencies….

    Please you have to update your sources

    i am from syria i payed for 1 year Qhdtv to watch surian channels

    sama syria removed to new frequence

    please please please

  31. Benjamin

    Quality and sound problem with french channels.
    The sound is very bad in canal+ channels. Please take à good solution. The quality is no HD….

  32. boud

    chourouk tv ne marche pas

  33. sammy

    Today some server Problem. All Channels dont work. Cant login on Panel.

  34. Khaled Omar

    Bein Sports not working from 1-14, please fix it, today is the classico…. .Please

  35. Khaled Omar

    Note to QHDTV Support Team:
    Bein Sports not working from 1-14, please fix it, today is the classico…. .Please

  36. Jérémy


    Please fix bein sport 1 FR, important football game in 10 minutes !

  37. AGHIAD

    The server working very slow,,, always the chanells downloading and downloading…

    All the chanells

    All the chanells

    Please fix it

    • leadcool

      hi .the problem was fixed .becasue the server was attcked.we have fix the problem

      • AGHIAD

        Please please please
        Qhdtv Please you have to update channels list

        You are the best
        Qhdtv the best Arabic iptv…

        Please add
        Seevii channels.
        Osn yahala cinema.
        Sham fm.

        Please you can do it
        You are the best

        Iud updated

        And when you will update qhdtv
        The best Arabic iptv

        Please add these chanells

        All the Arab world want these chanells

  38. kadir demir

    I ordered 5 paypal subscriptions and I still have not received subscriptions

    • leadcool

      Pleas check your ordre hisotry .i think we have process your order

  39. simo

    Could you fix BOOMERRANG FR. It is not working.

  40. Samer

    When you will answer my emails, the code witch I bought is not working.

  41. AGHIAD

    Please please please
    Qhdtv Please you have to update channels list

    You are the best
    Qhdtv the best Arabic iptv…

    Please add
    Seevii channels.
    Osn yahala cinema.
    Sham fm.

    Please you can do it
    You are the best

    Iud updated

    And when you will update qhdtv
    The best Arabic iptv

    Please add these chanells

    All the Arab world want these chanells

  42. boud

    beaucoup des chaines algérienne ne marche pas ‘kbc;elbilad;bahia;benna)semsem

  43. Djano92

    The last days, many customers are complaining about several channels which are displying stream error. Please fixe it ASAP, as the business image is impacted
    Piwi french Channel
    Bahia tv Algéria
    Thanks for your reactivity and professionnalisme

  44. boud

    bonjour; plusieurs chaines tv ne marche pas ( kbc;beur tv;bahia tv;elfajr c’est pas le même que avant ; piwi+; semsem ;merci avence.

  45. QHDTV

    Always the same problem: THIS CHANNEL WAS TAKEN AWAY BY A UFO!!!

    What happens!!!

    • FR

      J’ai aussi le même problème. Lorsque je regarde un film, ce message apparait au bout d’une heure environ. Je suis obligé de quitter et relancer l’application pour ne plus avoir ce message. Pouvez-vous corriger ça?

  46. [email protected]

    pouvez vous ajouter les oranges sur qhdtv

  47. solomon aderdour

    Hi friend why the italy channel not work thank you

  48. Hussain

    One I used Qhdtv3 bein sports channel was not clear byt in QHDTV2 is failrly better. Please solve it.

    • leadcool

      the QHDTV3 player decoder is different with the qhdtv2 . the qhdtv3 allow user on less internet and get smooth run .
      but we will advanced the decoder in the future version !

  49. ali

    good day
    So for a few hours the qhdtv is no longer synchronous. The sound and the image no longer match.
    Hope they can fix this soon
    Greetings from germany

  50. Feras Karimo

    I suggest to make that possible to change the channels up and down in favourite list

    • leadcool

      thanks for your suggesting .we will add it in the future funtions

  51. Sara Srika

    Hi, l have qhdtv it is not working every thing is empty, what is wrong

    • leadcool

      hi .the problem was fixed .it was the url dns problem

      • Brian Murphy

        Hi I am getting the message this channel was taken away by a UFO… Is there a fix?

  52. Dermir

    Hello what is the best solution to dont have bug for turkish and french channels. Subtv or iudtv ?

  53. Mickael

    Thanks for the Job. But why French chanel Cine+ Famiz and Dysney Cinema is present on iudtv but not on qhdtv ?

  54. Garmin

    Many channels in 7-ARABIC NOT WORKING Al Jazeera, a loaded, almayadeen, Al alarm, BBC ARABIC, CBS etc

    I’m using Subtv

  55. Benjamin

    The sound is always very very bad in canal+ family, canal+ decalé, canal + serie. Please make somethings…

  56. Kela

    IUDTV down?

  57. [email protected]

    I have problem with my account. this channel was taken away by a ufo qhdtv.
    I dont know how to solve thar

  58. Fredrik

    Please add Disney Junior SE to the IUDTV package.
    Thank you!

  59. Hussain

    Dears we need your support to add MBC prosports HD channels and if you can to allow us to select favorite channels and changed explore them easly by arrows.


  60. ardo

    Nat. Geo. People IT and Discovery Investiga not working. Can you fix it please ?

  61. ardo

    Nat. Geo. People IT and Discovery Investiga not working. Can you fix it please ?qhdtv server.
    Please add Discovery Science IT, NatGeo Wild HD Italia,National Geographic italy.thanks

  62. Esam Ahmad

    ART Channels mot working since yesterday pls fix


    Hi dear Leadcool i am one of your resseller would you please fix the UNIVERSAL SOMALI TV not working since yesterday…


    UNIVERSAL SOMALI TV not working on QHDTV..thank you..

  65. issou

    Hi leadcool

    There are a lot of problems recently with french bein sport 1 (and beinsport 2/3) 🙁

    Currently the image isn’t synchronised with the sound 🙁 Sound is normal and image is slow = discrepancy

    Thank you

  66. Pedro

    I have a problem with qhdtv, since today I can not see the channels, it puts me “this Chanel Was Taken away by a ufo.”

    Thanks for your help

  67. djtous

    Hi I have a problem following my purchase for 3 months of IUDTV. I was able to use it for 1 hour. Since more access to the list of channels. I remain blocked on the login screen and a message of ereur appears at login network error, check your network. Is this normal? Thank you in advance for your return.

  68. mahdi

    i use 4g mobile connection for qhdtv , i can’t wwatch live channels , i get this message THIS CHANNEL WAS TAKEN AWAY BY A UFO drink cup of coffee , why ? i don’t understand

    • leadcool

      Please send your code to us .we will help you check it . email: [email protected]

  69. Yay


    Please fix beinsport 1 france there is a good match right now!


  70. jalal

    Hi, there is a problem with Beinsport 3 HD, it’s showing a blue screen. Can you fix this issue? Thanks

  71. Happy user

    There is One bosnian Channel that is missing that i would really like to watch , it shows slot of sport and ord name is .BHT1. Pls tryck to get it 😀

  72. Hamza Tei

    Hi , i got the same problem this channel was taken by a ufo always !!! 4g and wifi !!

    • leadcool

      please provdie your code to us .we will check it

    • leadcool

      Please send your code to [email protected] .i think your code problem.

      • jalal

        Qhdtv is cutting a lot, especially bein sports channels you should add more servers.
        This problem was happening once in a while, but right now it’s happening a lot.
        Can you solve this issue?

  73. user1234

    Hey, i have problem with the new app. Sound is good but pictures is lagging

  74. jalal

    Hi, beinsport 2Hd is not working, it shows a black screen. Also, the USA package is not working at all. Can you fix this issue..Thanks

  75. Mansour Mohamed

    Osn ya hala
    And al osn al oula not working

    • Mansour Mohamed

      And the most Arabic Premium channels not working please fix it

      From Osn ya hala and osn al oula and mbc ….


      • leadcool

        the MBC HD problem was fixed .

  76. Aiman

    Hello i have QHDTV last update but many times alle the channels didnt work and i see A UFO picture and under it’s written: This channel has been take by a Ufo

    • leadcool

      is DNS problem .we have fix it

  77. Roussel Franck


    Souvent avec QHDTV le message suivant s’affriche :
    Comment y remédier ?
    Par avance Merci de votre reponse

  78. Strauss


    I always have the erro message with the UFO when watch anything channel on my box Tx3 with the app QHTDV.

    Can you help me to fix te problem !? I reinstall clean cache QHDTV app but the problem is still here


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