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Free test please go


  1. please you have to fix alot of channels
    Alot Alot of channels don’t working from yesterday and till now…..
    please you always promise me but don’t do anything…
    if you will not fix all the chanells wich not working with its about all Syrian channels… all music channels… Almayaden.. all mbc channels hd…. fx hd and fox movies……
    about 30 channels..
    and you have to update the list its very important…..
    alot off channels removed to new frequency……
    you have to fixxxxxxxxxx
    i bought tv box with subscription Qhdtv for 1 year……
    you have to fix all these channels And update the list….

  2. Yeah you should fix a lot of channels… And canadienne superecron channels doesn’t work too!!!!
    You really should do something to fix it

  3. And there is so many channels with no video just sounds… Plz do something!!
    Moreover the is many channels that bugs….

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