1.In the case of vod source containing multilingual audio track, add the function to switch the track.
2.solve the issue of programming failed occasionally.
3.optimize the program list update speed, improve the user experience.

  1. Subtv not working at all now .. network issue .. are your servers up ?

    • the problem was fixed .sorry for that .

  2. I dont see how to change language in the app on android tv. How to do it ?

    somme channels seems to have troubles : is there a way to signal you problems we see ? (channels not working, incorrect channel, …)

    • hi
      the language is depend on the system .if your system change the language .the APP will switch the language automatic

  3. Hello I am a dealer for a long time now 2014/2015 I have a big problem with sub tv the film does not work. Yesterday still my friend calls me to tell me that the French channel plus channel does not work he was in family and everyone laughed at him. he always sends me new customers. it’s not good for my business. what am I doing when he asks me for refunds

  4. @ Djano if your request is not being fixed by the team .All you have to do is ask for refund if paid by paypal and open dispute.

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