we have got some customer report

siad buy the leadcool box on Wish .but without any code .

we not sell on wish .so if you buy the leadcool box on wish but not get the code .please contact wish disput team .and open the disput . get your money back .

we only sell on





  1. Pleace fix Greek channels

  2. hi, I have installed the new Qhdtv the New APK with Epg function and I have put mz code and I got the channel list but no channel is working !! do you know the reason?

    thanks and regards
    Khaled Abdelhamid

    • hi .maybe the apk not comlatible your device .please use the perfect player or qhdtv old apk

  3. why does the dutch channels doesnt work time by time (qhdtv example fox sport channels)

  4. hello
    I want to talk with any company director, Serving a customer is very bad often does not respond. I am a distributor and we have customers and they have problems, but unfortunately does not support

  5. Hello all french channels away and almost half of others since now 2 days please wait for fixed customers that is not good for your business
    Zitierten Text anzeigen

  6. Hello I ordered an iptv box with a subscription qhdtv Wish but it does not work it buggy a lot but it is blocked please help me

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