today .the qhdtv change to new data server
during those times .the server can not be connnect
it will finish in some hour .
sorry for that
finish time on 12:00 Gt+0

  1. All working channels are freezing or lagging all the time. Not watchable at all.No improvment since last week.

    • i am so sorry .those 2 days .the hacker was attacked our server .then cause too much problem now
      our man is working on it .i hope can be solve soon

    • I very much agree, Tracy Chu’s mouth is way too big and always shows her gum!Roxanne Tong is a lot betetr, deserved to be place at least among Top3!Carat Cheung looks not bad indeed but a bit not too “decent” type.

  2. During the day, all the working channels are working fine.
    When it comes the night during soccer match, all channels are lagging and freezing all the time, specially french channels such as CANAL+ (CINEMA, DECALE, FAMILY, SPORT…), and CINE (PREMIER, FRISSON, EMOTION…).
    I think the server can’t handle when there are too many people connected…

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