we are very sorry for notice you

the server was attacked on 2016-3-16 . we are make the backup .and refuse the huge  attacked.

until now .the server is back work .but some channel still under fix .

do not worry .we are try out best for you !

  1. Hello, thanks for this information

    • hi
      i have qdthv apk and is not working very will and start switch channel by it slave like Scrambledany one know how to fix this problem

  2. since 3-5 days it’s not working dear, those days for attack you’ll calculated in our subscription right??

    Any way please return the service, I’m without TV since 5 days!!

    Hope you’ll solve the problem!!

  3. we are 2016-3-18 and nothing work all channel are out when qhdtv server was repaired please.

    • we are sorry for that .
      we have change the DNS and IP .new host .
      it will active in all network during 72 Hour

      • when do you think qhdtv will be ok?
        with no freeze or other problem because it’s like qhdtv is died

    • You write so hoslntey about this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. QHDTV Dead

    TV Lebanon
    Aljadeed TV
    Al Manar
    Al Mayadeen
    Al Alam Tv

    All the above Channels not working, please do something, since more than 5 days my TV OFF.


  5. bonjour ;combien du temps pour réglé le problème ? toute les chaines ne fonctionne pas ;dommage

  6. it is really some shit your subscription your server is really some shit impossible to sell a similar shit i move on incapable d band

    • we are so sorry . we have fix the ddos attcked
      and we will try out best for it

  7. Thanks for the information. i become information that some channels change from alone to other channel. Please check it.

    And please thin about a sulotion for the future. I think this problems will be come all 2 Months again and again… its not good and my phone is ringing all the day because friends asks me what is the problem…

  8. Hello, it is really pitiful your qhdtv subscription you rent servers a few hours during the day or which you could try all the same to arrange(settle) that and to stabilize the pitiful bouquet

    • on 22/3 .our autentication server was attacked .we have fixed it .

  9. we are 22/03/2016 and again qhdtv are not accessible can you tell me why again ??

  10. Hello, it’s getting worse and worse the real maintaining disaster we connect no more it is not serious really

    • hi .we have fix the ddos attacked
      now the APK is work good

    • on 22/3 .our autentication server was attacked .we have fixed it .

  11. ok verry nice it s ok thamks for qhdtv whwn is work well it s the must of iptv subscription

  12. error expired code another day

    • we have bloacked the ddos attacked from some country IP .now the login and andorid APK back work

    • Try to disconnect the modem and router and try to install or put you activation code, I hope everything will work fine :).

      With All regards,

  13. Page loding error,to day 23-03-2016

    • I can not connect to the portal,it came page loading error ? Tell me how can I contact the technical support for some problem, we so pose to have tv on all the time this happen 2 time a week know,it’s boring,in your description on the website,you have 24/7 server monitor provide the higher stable server,every time happen something takes hours to get back,can you tell me what is gone on. We know your server was attacked 2 weeks a go but this is 2time sa week happening know.

      • we have blocked some country ip .the ddos attacked from those country . now the Apk login is ok .

        • What country??? Iam living in UAE, It’s keep giving Error and even I can install the QHDTV in my dreambox 800se

        • which country my dear, UAE within those countries??? whats going on…. 5 days Iam staying without TV..

          Please find me a solution…. please

    • Great post with lots of imarptont stuff.

  14. The apk don t working now. ..

  15. Dears,

    The problem is still there where the QHDTV App keeps asking for the code and it doesnt work…

    are you going to fix the problem anytime soon?

  16. ok verry nice is work well qhdtv is the best of iptv subscription

  17. What past.not work.long time for repair.its not serious

  18. Don t work again error code

  19. I have some pb code error or expire

  20. hi
    i have qdthv apk and is not working very will and start switch channel by it slave like Scrambledany one know how to fix this problem

  21. Hello
    How to get the code QHDTV

  22. Very very bad service! !!!

    Ne vous abonné pas c vraiment de l arnaque! !!

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