QHDTV server update not finish
after change to the new dataserver .now the Device and Reseller pannel is back work
but some channel still problem .
we are try our best to cover back the all channel .
please wait more times .
we will release news when the server all work 100%

  1. some channels are not working with QHDTV as AlMayadeen,
    and some other are the same channel as beinsport 1, beinport 3

    • i am sorry .
      we have some problem on the QHDTV server .but our man is work hard on it
      now most channel is back work .only problem on sky channel

    • So Launcherpro has been my default more monhts now but one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really grown in instability the last few updates and it’s not just me, I’ve asked around on some forums and people agree.I love everything you’re doing with the launcher but I think that the next few updates really need to be about stability and speed. Frankly you already have every launcher beat when it comes to what it actually does, and up until recent updates you had them beat on stability too.

  2. Still in maintenance?

  3. I have sent you a message a few days ago and I did not receive any reply.
    I have purchased one year subscription but encounter randomly lags /freezes on a lot of channels (BENELUX for example).
    Are the problems raised hereunder resolved. Communication is very important if you whish to develop your Business. I test during one year your server but if it remains as such, I shall not renew it .

    Best Regards.

  4. Hi when am trying to install the software on enigma2 i m getting the following error :
    parse_from_stream_nomalloc: Missing new line character at end of file!
    parse_from_stream_nomalloc: Missing new line character at end of file!

    Now I have the folder on my list put the plugin in no longer visible on the plugin section so all channels are not working

  5. hello, I have clients who have a problem with Tunisian channels , There are bugs, thank you to arrange that everything works for everyone

    • i am sorry .this 2 days we have change the new data server .i think will back work after 24H

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  7. You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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  11. Ola
    Nice share.
    I think the most stable iptv servers are those from Fishbone IPTV cloud
    I would like to see more posts like this

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