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Due to the power failure of OVH, some of our QHDTV servers have not been fully recovered. We received a new notice from OVH, Unfortunately, we still have several groups of servers that haven’t recovered yet.
We have transferred the APK login verification and some data to another standby server at the beginning of the outage, but our channels are forwarded through other OVH servers, because there is no standby worldstreaming server, now there is no way to do data transfer, only when the OVH fully restore the server can resume normal.
We are very sorry for the failure of this time.
The following services are affected
Login authentication for old APK
login authentication for IOS
SKY Channels, Polish Channels
The latest OVH notifications can be found below:


if you use the old apk can not login .

Please download the new QHDTV3 version

download link


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  1. fadi

    whay is QHDTV pluging on enigma 2 is not working
    qhdtv-openpli-mipsel_1.0_all.ipk no update?

    i hve openpli 4 dm800se and after i update not working an i have renstal openpli with latest update and the pluging is ther but it come green screen and restart my dm800se somting wrong please come with update or somting fix

  2. Djano

    many of my clients tell me that vod fr stops in full movie. they are not happy his spit the movie
    Thank you for remedying the problem soon

    • leadcool

      the French VOD is working ok .no problem on it

  3. Hi

    How long it wil take to recover OVH fully server . Because my clients are very angry on me . It’s more then 3 days there is no TV

    • leadcool

      we have fix the server problem .now we are tranfer the server from OVH to worldstream .we will try our best on it

  4. Djano

    Hi my dear
    Please fix french channels
    Histoire. Animaux etc…..

  5. sammy

    When will the Problem clear?

    Because many Costumers told me they have Problem, and the Arabic Channels and Bein Sport Channels too. They told me its no more stable like the past time.

    When its Work good again?

    I must know it to give the Costumers an answer.


  6. Abouali2017

    hello … since the failure of ovh run many German channels are not … that are offline, how long does it take to get these channels back online … nice day

  7. Djano

    hello thank you to repair several French channel that does not work customers are not happy thank you

    • leadcool

      the Frech Channel was fixed

  8. Miri2017


    I bought this qhdtv 3 weeks ago and many turkish channels doesnt work. I have bought this especially for turkish channels. Also many arabic channels doesnt work. Please fix. Also I getno answer on my emails.Where is support?

    Please fix!

    • leadcool

      i am so sorry .for the turkish package .we need change the dataserver .it can be arrange in this month . and for the arabic channel we have fixed most channel .can you email to : [email protected]

  9. bell

    hello leadcool can i use my code on the new android box because the old one his faulty or i need to buy a new subscription

    • leadcool

      Yes .you can use the code to new box .but do not use it on the two box on same time

  10. Hussain


    I am very unsatisfied for your service since 1 month as it is unstable and bad quality for all channels and VOD , I am loosing our customers. Please fix the issue.


  11. Hi

    Customers are very angry on me . Please fixed it . I am loosing cus toners . I paid big money to buy the subscription and I am an able to sell it because of this bug

  12. Daniel

    Whats goin on
    Lots of freezing
    When and how will you fix ?
    I need dates to tell customers

  13. Boubou

    Hello to all the team of Leadcool.
    I have some customers who are unhappy because reception problems as well as VOD have problems knowing that all these customers have broadband fiber.
    When you think about updating these problems please give me a date.
    Kind regards

  14. Djano

    Please fix french channels
    canal plus sport
    Canal plus cinéma

  15. Djano

    hello today big games the whole planet football is waiting for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid except that on BeIn Sport French we can not see anything at all the chain freeze jerks off we can not watch the game all the customers complain c is a lack of seriousness it is necessary to show your power the BeIn Sport Arab works but the French impossible to watch they have trouble reselling subscriptions the Champions League stop this week it would have that power go thank you

  16. OzgurB

    Is it possible to add Planete CI and fix Crime district Fr to the French package.
    And fix lot of Turkish channels Star Showtv and all sinema channels

  17. Daniel


    When will the new groups be added to m3u list ?

  18. Jihb

    QHDTV has since week a lot of FREEZING, especially German Sky Sport 1 and UK Sky Sports channels. Please correct, thanks

  19. Younes

    Cant login with the new qhdtv3 apk what the fucking problem again i want at least an extend of my account because i pay for 365 days working

  20. Younes

    What is the problem again? I cant login with new qhdtv3 apk since one month always problem i want an extend of my account because i pay a service but nothing work its not good job

  21. Djano

    Please fix Algérian Channel
    Samira tv
    Berbere tv

  22. joad


    please fix lebanon channel for QHDTV

    channel 84 NBN

    thank you.

  23. brahim

    plz add RTF (senegale africa) thks

  24. jad

    no series work. can you fix it please

    • leadcool

      hi .we are tranfer the VOD to new server .pleaes wait some days .all will be back .thanks!


    hell dear QHDTV can you please fix OSN channels three of them nice ones not working sins three days now
    thank you..

  26. Ahmed

    bein sports 1-16 are not working
    please fix it.
    every weekend not working

  27. OzgurB

    Please find a solution for Turkish package cause lots of channels bugs or not working !!! 70% of channels not work properly
    Please fix it urgently
    Thank you

  28. joad

    it has been 2 days my code does not work and i have 1 year sub and my code is not working how to fix the issue

  29. joad

    UPDATE: everything is working now, thankyou for you help and the issue is fixed.


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