In order to ameliorate our service we plan a big maintenance this week
Affected Channels
from 22/08/2017 to 25/08/2017
Some turkish channels
Some arabic channels

From 23/08/2017 to 25/08/2017
Some UK channels
Some NL channels
Some French channels (TNT)
ALL German channels
ALL Spanish channels
ALL Portuguez channels

From 24/08/2017 those channels will be progressively up.
Thanks in advance

  1. Hello,

    Subtv will be impacted too ?


  2. Hello,
    is IUDTV also in maintenance?
    Friday, August 25th 2017, I bought 1month IUDTV, from evybuy website. I used the link from ” ” (and I replaced xxxx with the personal code). With VLC media player, I tried different sports channels, no video, no audio.
    VLC message= “can not connect to”.
    I also tried the m3u on a Smart TV, same thing = screen is black, no video, no sound.
    I hope the channels will work soon.
    Thanks if you can help, if you have more information.

  3. Bein sport 11,12,13 dont work more then month
    osn on demand 1,2,3 dont work att all
    Lot of USA channels regulary dont work

    Fix this problem,or add new channel what work stable

  4. Hello.
    beinsport from 6-10 not working. many Turkish channels not working. As a resseler how can sell QHDTV to costumer. We expected there to be an increase in channels. I would like to pay more attention to the your server and focus on channels that do not work.

  5. Hello
    Is it possible to add the middle eastern kuwaiti channels ‘Funoon’ & ‘Qurain tv’ on the list ?

  6. Hi dear thi is one of you seller and i am requesting you to fix [11/08/2017 12:26:12] Aimee zheng: Qhdtv..pls check channels..
    FOX UK
    FO TV UK
    And the Somali channels as i mentioned

    <<< universal somalt tv.HCTV SOMALI..SLTV SOMALI…sbc soamli
    Indian channels gone as well b4u music SABTV…ZEE PUNJABI..RISHTEY
    Rishtey Cinema…news18 Asia..Ary news..Time now..Colurs..Zing..i hope for this fix you are doing will be with the mentioned channels…thank you Mustafa.

  7. Can you fix The Vitenams channels on IUDTV ?
    ——–> VIETNAM <——— ( 0: 0)
    VN : AN GIANG 1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : BA RIA VUNG TAU ( 0: 0)
    VN : BAC KAN ( 0: 0)
    VN : BAC LIEU ( 0: 0)
    VN : CAN THO ( 0: 0)
    VN : CAO BANG ( 0: 0)
    VN : DAK LAK ( 0: 0)
    VN : DAK NONG ( 0: 0)
    VN : HA GIANG ( 0: 0)
    VN : HA NAM ( 0: 0)
    VN : HAU GIANG ( 0: 0)
    VN : HN1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : HTV1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : HUNG YEN ( 0: 0)
    VN : ITV SD ( 0: 0)
    VN : KHANH HOA ( 0: 0)
    VN : Kids&FamilyTV-VTC11 ( 0: 0)
    VN : KIEN GIANG ( 0: 0)
    VN : KON TUM ( 0: 0)
    VN : LANG SON ( 0: 0)
    VN : LET'S VIET ( 0: 0)
    VN : NINH THUAN ( 0: 0)
    VN : QUANG NGAI ( 0: 0)
    VN : QUANG NINH 1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : QUANG NINH 3 ( 0: 0)
    VN : SOC TRANG 1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : THUA THIEN HUE ( 0: 0)
    VN : THVL1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : THVL2 ( 0: 0)
    VN : TTXVN ( 0: 0)
    VN : VINH PHUC ( 0: 0)
    VN : VITV ( 0: 0)
    VN : VNEWS-TTXVN ( 0: 0)
    VN : VOV ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTC1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTC11 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTC14 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTC3 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTC9 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV1 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV2 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV3 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV3 HD L2 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV4 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV5 ( 0: 0)
    VN : VTV8 HD ( 0: 0)
    VN: VTV2 L2 ( 0: 0)

  8. There is still problems After maintenance

    Bein sports need fix always broken
    3 am gmt everyday couple channels dont work (osn movies…fox movies…etc..)

  9. Bonjour.
    Mon abonnement QHDTV arrive a la fin de mon contrat je voudrais connaitre comment renouveler mon abonnement
    Merci par avance

  10. Everythings down, the app wont even connect, and has been for the past hour, I just setup with you guys and was doing a sales pitch on some prospective buyers.
    Or should I say they were prospective buyers 🙁

  11. Sorry, maybe I am in the wrong thread, I was referring to IUDTV, not QHDTV…and yes, its still dead 🙁
    Is this common to have hours of downtime?

  12. I checked the app via a private VPN I run and it loads, but all channels say “error contact your reseller”, the vpn is located in UK.
    I am in Thailand and the app wont connect at all from here.
    BTW, I saw this on your sales page after checking via vpn:
    “Don’t using VPN/ VPS/ other Shared Platform to watch iptv subscription, or we will ban it forever.”
    Please do not ban me, I did it purely to see if it was a regional issue or a world wide one, thanks

  13. Usa all HBO,Bein 11,12,13,OSN on demand 1,2,3,4
    Usa all TSN dont work long time
    Is this ok?

  14. You can list the channel EX-YU and Albaniel AL Seperat please, two separate folders.
    thank you in advance

  15. QHDTV after your plan a big maintenance, The channels have become worse than before. Most sports channels do not sky sport, bt sport , bein sport , ad sport , som channels from premium arabic not work. Very importment sport channels to buyer and costumer. pleas. The buyer can change to another server but as resseller we lost. Please make your attention more with QHDTV

  16. Half of arabic premium package channels dont work,half of UK channels dont work,half bein channels dont work,and half of USA channels are down or buffering
    Is this your new quality or that problem be fixed soon
    Whit these quality you loose lots of customers

    • the New APK was release now . you can update to 1.1.1 .
      and the SKy uk was fixed .the Arabic premium was fixed
      and other beinsport fix it in some days

  17. I have smart tv,when all that be fixed there?

  18. my customers are taking Subscription essentially to watch football on TV Tuesday September 12th and Wednesday, September 13th at 8:45 pm starts the league of football champions it is a very important competition watching all over the world thanks to pay attention that the be in sport chains works perfectly these days it is very important for the continuation of the subscription sales thanks

  19. Bonjour, j’ai acheté un abonnement de 1an en qhdtv sur evybuy. J’ai telechargé le APK, puis je l’ai installé et enfin j’ai rentré le code. Mais un message s affiche:”this channel was taken away by a ufo”. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi ça ne marche plus alors qu’avec le code gratuit tout marchait tres bien. Pouvez vous m’aides s’il vous plait?

  20. Hi,

    can you check all turkish bein(digiturk) channels please.

  21. Unfortunately, it seems your server’s can’t handle the pressure of your clients when there are important games like Soccer games like today and yesterday. Alot of my customers were upsets because of the buffering issue that only starts during the live streaming of those games.
    Please solve his issue or you will lose alot of resellers and customers.

  22. LeadTv
    A lot of times , especially matches times of la-liga on Bein sport channels are not stable a lot of disconnection, I have very high speed internet but bein channels with you not stable

    I thought you have server on your own but I keep seeing spitv , ultra iptv logos like you stream other companies streams which explains the lag and slowness of your streams

    Plz give bein channels a lot of attention and space in your servers

    Also kids channels bein Jeem and baraem channels are not working properly, my kids keep asking about them and they most of the time down…

  23. Hi, some turkish channels as Show tv and Star tv are still not working.. will it be fixed soon??

  24. all my Hd MBC HD not working very importent channels fix fast

  25. There is a problem the channels no longer work.

  26. All Chanels dont work

    Please Fix

  27. Why nothing works today?

    Please fix it asap
    Give information

  28. Very big problem with your server since 3 days

  29. Can not see any vod without freeze every 5 secondes

  30. All channels are buffering every 30 seconds, how I can fix it? I have uninstalled and installed again, still the problem is there. What do you recommend?? I believe nobody would subscribe if the app is as bad.

    • Really poor support. Now Facebook chat is closed down ?

      Danish channels list 40-60% of channels are not working.

      Please fix. I payed for this.

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