we have delete all reseller test code (include not use and used ) from all reseller pannel .

if you need more test code .please call the provider


  1. I need a trial code. All thanks to you

  2. hallo
    i habe problem with the Polish programme I can’t watch it ??????????????

    • hi .we have problem on the polish channel now .it can be fix in this week .sorry for that!

  3. Hi, we are planning to buy 4 codes, so can I have a test code?

    • yes .you can contact your seller .and let him add more test code in your reseller panel

  4. My broplem is test code deleted and the seller can’t contact so how can i get test code or bay to my panel

  5. Also the animal planet not wotking
    In qhdtv pakig and always chanel keep freez even 20mb speed,

    Request update for serch vod movis or chanel to the qhdtv apk

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