we are sorry for that

one Problem occured on the domian DNS loop

we ae working on it . it can be fix in some hour

if you use the QHDTV on samsung tv .please wait some hours


  1. Thanks for tour serious and tour support.
    For information Discovery Science France and Discovery showcase France we have black screen since yesterday. Thanks To fix or on QHDTV and Android.
    Communication between toi and us very good. Go on like this and de will be winners both.

  2. Why are there a lot of dutch channels deleted form the channel list in ‘Other packkages’ –> ‘Benelux’????

    No more sport channels like Ziggo Voetbal, Ziggo Select, Fox sports 3, 4, 5 & 6. Film Channels, TLC, Cooking channel etc etc. Suddenly more than 15 channels are removed!

  3. No problème ok
    Good job
    Thanks for all !!!!

  4. I like what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  5. There are no Belgian Channels. Are you excluding millions of customers then..
    Please add the Belgian channels asap..

  6. tank you for job:;please add osn channels and piwi+ france

  7. Hello Support Team, the Channel MBC Masr ist not aviable.
    Can you check it? Maybe you forgot the channel on the last new sorting on the Channel list.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hello support team a lot off Netherland channels are not working Fox sport 3 4 5 6 and Ziggo sport and more channels

    • hi .the Netherland channels upate .we have remove the cards problem channel . and when we fix the cards problem .we will add it back

  9. Yesterday I started using channels QHDTV
    Wonderful company channels without any interruption or cutting
    Request that you will:
    Add please.
    – Channel ( ARABICA )
    – And some OSN channels such as DRAMA _ CINEMA
    Because there is only one channel YAHALA from OSN channels
    Thanks to you all for the wonderful your efforts
    I hope you add more and new channels

  10. Hello
    Syrian channels don’t work on QHDTv.

    • hi .the syrian drama and syria sat already fixed
      please confrim agian

      • -.the syrian drama and syria sat already fixed
        -thank you for supporting us

        -now we waiting channels like Ziggo Voetbal, Ziggo Select, Fox sports 3, 4, 5 & 6. Film Channels, TLC, Cooking channel etc etc

        Thanks for tour serious and tour support.

  11. 112/5000
    I buy a qhdtv One year and its done 4 days i wait for no reply by mail i have a paypal litige

    j’ai acheter pour 1 ans qhdtv et sa fait 4 jours que j’attends pas de réponse par mail j’ai envoyer un litige paypal

    • hi .when you check out success.the code will direcly display to you
      please email to : [email protected] .and give us your paypal email .we will help you check your code agian

      • Hello, i received the QHTV code for One year , i remove the paypal litige
        Qhdtv is the best iptv server.

        bonjour, j’ai reçus le code de QHTV , j’ai enlever le litige paypal encore desoler
        qhdtv est le meilleur serveur iptv.

  12. Hello
    The Qhdtv app doesn’t work on Leelbox S1 android tv box marshmallow 6.0.1
    Please fix the problem as soon as possible

    • hi .we will release the new apps soon .please wait more 1 days

      • please please please
        i bought original device
        With original subscription qhdtv for 1 year….
        _ please Bein sport 5
        freezing freezing.
        _ Bein movies 1 -3 freezing
        _ Arabic premium :
        fx hd – fox movies action – family…… don’t working….

        i bought device and subscription from you…
        please help me
        please tell them to resolve these problems….
        i wait your support and help

        i have very fast Internet
        100 mb/s
        please the problem not from me.
        please i am sure you will fix these problems

  13. When i press Bein movies 1: freezing.
    When i press Bein movies 2: the channel is Bein movies 1 but working excellent.
    Bein movies 3 freezing.
    Bein movies 4 working excellent.
    Bein sport 5 freezing.

    Where Bein movies 2???
    I don’t have it know ?

    Arabic premium ;
    Fx hd.fox movies action and family…. All these channels don’t working ??

  14. Hello,
    Just subscribed to your server, I have a problem to connect,
    I have Samsung SmartTv, downloaded the TV List to it from zour Server, everything is Ok, When I try to connect to any Channel I am getting the error: Stream error, buffering, cannot connect, what can be the problem?? I am using Smart Iptv on my smart Samsung, Do zou have a streaming problem??

  15. Bonjour,
    j’ai déposé un litige auprès de paypal suite à l’arrêt du service QHDTV pris il y a un jour (01/05/2017).
    L’abonnement ne compte que 358 jours au lieu de 365 jours ( 1 an).
    Merci pour votre réponse

  16. HI
    the channels doesn’t work on my Lg tv with smartiptv apk, the link seems broken (06/15/2017)can you fix that

    • hi .the problem was fixed .it was the smarttv link url dns problem .

  17. Hi there, eightee on subtv nor on iudtv teleclub 1 teleclub 2 is working (german sky iudtc or swiss subtv) very dissapointing, bought subscription for both, northing working

  18. A lot of buffering and long connecting time with QHDTV and LG SmartIPTV. I just bought 1yr subscription. Is everything okay with your servers? I tried SS IPTV too, same thing.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

  19. hello, .For information Discovery Science France and science and life a lot of break and frizing. Thank you to correct on QHDTV and subtv, I am a dealer and a lot of customer reports to me his problems especially French TV channels and bein sport Arab, thank you very much for checking.thanks.

  20. hellourl links seems broken on smartv tv for lg tv.
    i’m on “connecting” for all channel. but my “favorite” seems working

  21. Bonsoir est-ce que vous avez tous le même problème que ça marche pas

  22. Hallo und guten Tag es geht nicht mehr bei qhdtv was ist lost habt hier Probleme mit dem Server ich habe mehrere Kunden die bei mir anrufen das es nicht funktioniert Bitte könnt ihr mir helfen

  23. Hello and good day it is no longer with qhdtv what is lost here have problems with the server I have several customers call me that it does not work Please can you help me

  24. Hi,

    Just signed up for 12 months. When the live sports (pl football etc) start, it either buffers or the channels goes offline.

    • if you are in uk .please tell me which device ? it was problem on the internet provider block .if you try with your another 4G .i think should work

  25. Hello
    i have a problem on my device leadcool qhdtv, at startup green screen after the appearance of the image android? what can I do to solve this problem?
    j ai un probleme sur mon appareil leadcool qhdtv, au demarrage ecran vert apres l apparition l image android? que puis je faire pour résoudre ce probleme?

  26. Please what is the Problem? for several months we have great great Problems. all! my customers are very very angry on me! when will you solve the Problems. no sound on very much Channels ! picture stops! sound and picture on most channels are not synchron and so on!

  27. Qhdtv is down…. Nothing works anymore. Please fix it fast

  28. Sorry but most arabic channel keep freezing and buffering i have very fast internet 50Mbs

  29. Most Arabic Channels Are keep Buffering like MBC and Music despite Beni Sports cahnnels work Flawless

    i Live in UAE, My Internet Speed 50 Mbps

  30. i can not see my favorit channels. i make click on and it always come back to last channel i was looking? why? what can i do to see my favorit channels?

    • hi .please go the QHDTV setting .factory reset.then input the code agian

  31. Hi, on my QHDTV it’s says my password expired so how can I get a new one?

    • hi .please upgrade the apk to the 1.7.0versoin .problem will be fixed

  32. I have alteady 1.7.0

  33. The live channel work fine but no vod friend

  34. Hi
    I payed one year code but when i put it on my ipad hqdtv app it say problem connect to the server

  35. Hi
    I payed one year code but when i put it on my ipad qhdtv app it says always : problem connecting to the server


  36. Qhdtv not working on my smart tv ist any problem???

  37. hi
    your code is ok .can you go siptv.eu
    and delte the list first
    then upload the playlist agian ?
    check working or not?

    Ididt but stay the same problem i have also ludtv working without any problem .

  38. Bonjour j’avais des problèmes avec qhdtv je l’ai supprimé pour la réinstaller mais malheureusement j’arrive pas la réinstaller sur la box je l’ai téléchargé mais veux pas installé vous pouvez m’aider svp

  39. J’avais des problèmes avec qhdtv j’essaie de la supprimé et la réinstaller j’ai téléchargé l’application sur site mais j’arrive pas l’installer svp vous pouvez m’aider p

  40. Hi on your channel list there is so many OSN channels but when i git the test code there is only OSN on demand i need to know if OSN are available to buy a subscription

    • hi .the qhdtv no OSN channel .you can try SUBTV

  41. Bonjour,
    Depuis hier soir je n’ai plus de chaines disponible…
    Le problème va être rapidement résolu?

  42. hello, I have the subscription qhdtv for 4 months and I never had a problem, but for 2 days, can not use qhdtv, when I try to put any channel they say “channel problem” yet I have a very good flow. Please help me, thank you.

    • hi .we have fix this problem .and please update to new version 1.7.3thanks!

  43. Hi. QHDTV is giving the following message, unfortuately OHDTV has stopped. I update the program but no change. I am using android box. Thanx

    • hi .we have fix this problem .and please update to new version 1.7.3thanks!

  44. bonjour
    lors du lancement de QHDTV ,un message d erreur apparait dans une fenetre sur fond blanc “QHDTV s’est arreté”.
    je tape 3 fois OK et je reviens sur le bureau.
    que faut il faire

    when launching QHDTV, an error message appears in a window on a white background “QHDTV has stopped”.
    I type OK 3 times and I come back to the desk.
    what should be done
    thank you

    • hi .we have fix this problem .and please update to new version 1.7.3thanks!

    • Bonjour

      J’ai le meme probleme.
      Que faut-il faire

  45. Bonjour

    J’ai voulu regarder un film en VOD et depuis qhptv ne fonctionne plus.
    Merci pour votre aide

    • hi .we have fix this problem .and please update to new version 1.7.3thanks!

  46. bonjour
    impossible de voir des series en vod, toujour le meme message : problem channel contact your immediatly ;;;;
    comment resoudre ce probleme

  47. hello,
    depuis plusieurs jours les series francaises en vod ne fonctionnent plus (game of thrones et plusieurs autres…).
    je penses qu’un de vos serveurs est HS…

  48. Hello
    impossible to see series in vod, always the same message: problem channel contact your immediatly ;;;;
    How to solve this problem
    thank you

  49. Hi why vid movies not working on smart ip i have ludtv?

  50. No answer?

  51. hi, my iptv has completely stopped working qhdtv on smart tv could you please help me

  52. hi, my iptv recently started to stop working during match times. i have qhdtv in one room which yesterday stopped working for the duration of international matches and i also have iudtv in another room which stops working during the english premier league matches since the league started. is there a fix for this? thanks

  53. Qhdtv not working on some Amazon and smart tv’s using Smartiptv.

  54. Plus aucune chaînes fonctionne “Channel problèm”

  55. Impossible de regarder la TV, je n’ai plus de chaînes

  56. more than a week connection issues start, and today no one of my 5 subscriptions (4 QHDTV and 1QHDTV Pro) bought few month ago can connect. are you planing to fix it or no?

  57. Y a-t-il un problème avec qhftv sur box Android .
    Inpossible de voir les chaines.

  58. bonsoir depuis cet après midi plus de canaux il me marque Channel problem,please check tout network first.if Channel still don t work,please contact us immédiately. comment faire pour les contacté ?MERCI

  59. Hello,
    the QHDTV app doesn‘t work ( can not connect)! can you solve the problem please!

  60. Hi the che channels in qhdtv app is completely stopped please help me

  61. Hello, my tv is not working on android box since four days ago. What is the problem?

  62. QHDTV can not connect to the server using MAG250

  63. Hi in France, canal+ channels (previously 1 to 6) has disappearred… why ???? Please help !!!

  64. Hi ;

    in France, canal+ channels (previously from 1 to 6) has disappeared … why ??? please help !!!

  65. bonjour
    Nice share.
    I consider the best free cccam are those from fishbone cloud
    I would like to see more posts like this

  66. Bonjour

    Depuis quelques jours canal plus et les chaînes canal ne fonctionne plus.

    Avez vous une solution?

  67. bonjour
    lors du lancement de QHDTV ,un message d erreur apparait dans une fenetre sur fond blanc “QHDTV s’est arreté”.
    je tape 3 fois OK et je reviens sur le bureau.
    que faut il faire

  68. BONJOUR,
    Le message “le qhptv s’est arrêté” se met en route depuis aujourd’hui. Le jour où j’en avais le plus besoin…
    Merci de me trouver une solution au plus vite.

  69. Hello,
    Since 2 days we no longer have French channel + channels
    CANAL +, CANAL + Sport, canal + Cinema and ……
    Thank you to restore access to these channels that are essential for us French subscribers!

  70. Hi, in france, sine few days no more Canal+ channels (canal+, canal+ sport, canal+ décalé and so on).

    Please help us

  71. Bonjour,
    lors du lancement de QHDTV, un message d’erreur apparaît dans une fenêtre sur fond blanc «QHDTV s’est arrêté».
    Je tape OK 3 fois et je reviens au bureau. Il y a apriori une mise à jour, mais elle bloque au moment de l’installation, j’ai le message suivant qui apparait : “Erreur d’analyse, un problème est survenu lors de l’analyse du package”… Aidez moi s’il vous plait… D’avance, je vous remercie.

  72. Hi , QHDTV not working on URL sumsung tv and perfect player , can you fix 3 days now

  73. Hi
    My device doesnt work
    Qhdtv notice me can not connect
    Please fix it

  74. Hi
    I have a big problem because nothing work right now
    I used qhdtv 1.7.7 updated
    Nothing work
    I hvae can not connect as error message
    Please fix it or i will find an another service
    I have 6 subsctiption

  75. Hi
    I have a big problem because nothing work right now
    I used qhdtv 1.7.7 updated
    Nothing work
    I hvae can not connect as error message
    Please fix it or i will find an another service
    I have 6 subsctiption

  76. Hello, I don’t received anymore Canal+, Canal + Sport, etc… I have Qhdtv. There is a lot channel which has been deleted. Could you please let me know what should I do ? Damien

  77. Hi, cannot get any channel it is say: “cannot connect”. Have restarted couple of time without success what should I do? I have the leadcool box white

  78. ca ne fonctionne pas depuis des mois jai 4 boitier plus rien ne fonctionne

  79. Bonjour, qhdtv ne fonctionne plus depuis ce jour. Lorsque je lance l’application il y à un exemple musique avec un écran noir et vert puis Un écran noir est affiché et plus rien ne se passe.
    Merci pour votre retour rapide. Cordialement

  80. مرحبا
    إن جهازي يستمر في الإنقطاع عن البث وقد يستمر القطع احيانا لمدة 5 دقائق او اكثر وتظهر رسالة can not connect

  81. Bonjour. Lorsque je veux lancer une série ça me met que je ne suis pas connecté ! Hors je n ai aucun soucis ethernet.

  82. Hello
    I’ve just bought and installed the leadcool
    Every 20 sec, the video stops with a message “loading”, then restarts, then stop again with the same message, etc..
    Could it come from the network bandwith or quality ?


  83. Qhd TV won’t work v1.7.8 please fix that

  84. hello I just downloaded QHDTVpro and I just enter the code but the image is fixed on QHDTVpro at the end of the introduction how can I do?

  85. hi
    my QHDTV PRO just stopped and not opening at all what is this??????????i have paid money to watch my programmes.
    its a very bad service
    any help??

  86. plus de chaine code erone pourquoi abonnement 1ans code erone seulement 3mois

  87. qhdtv ne fonctionne plus apres 3mois j ai 1abonnement de 1 ans pourquoi

  88. Hello
    I would like to know why there are times when the chains do not pass especially in the afternoon until 22 hours.
    thank you

  89. Hello,

    i’m pay for 2x 1 year QHDTV a lot of channels doesn’t work anymore for few days.
    Can you please fix this for all of us

    i cant watch my channels anymore

    thank you


  90. my QHDTV stopped and not opening at all what is this??????????i have paid money to watch my programmes.
    its a very bad service
    any help??

  91. Bonjour,
    J’ai de nombreuses chaînes avec le message “Can not connect” depuis le début de mon abonnement mais depuis qlq1 temps c’est de pire en pire. Vraiment beaucoup de chaînes avec ce message ou des chaînes qui beug alors que je suis connecté avec la fibre !!!!!
    Une réponse de votre part s’il vous plaît

    • hi
      the channel not problem is fixed . please do not use the code on many device on same time .server only allow the first connect

  92. Hi

    All channels of my QHDTV don’t work sne 3 days wuth message “Can not connect”. What is the trouble. Can you help me to fix it please?

  93. Hello,

    My QHDTV is not working since 4 days. No movie can be played and I have message ” Can Not connect”. Can yu help me to fix it?

  94. Hi,
    I have just uploaded Qhdtv pro on and qhdtv 3.0 apk on my androïd box. However since then I have error message can not connect when launching one or the other app. Is the issue linked to the upload of the newest app versions?

    Thanks for the feedback

    • hi .
      please you can try to download the lxtream Player on google playstore
      then try with your code

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