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New QHDTV PRO come with more than 120+ H 265 channel

with Bein moive ,series, Drama,Dreamworks , sports and MBC all Ad Sport MBCpro LBC SFRsport and other French Channel ,more than 120+ h 265 channel

come with more than 5000+ vod series and films . you can watch the movie on any time

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H265 Channel List

Bein Movie 1 HD (H265)
Bein Movie 2 HD (H265)
Bein Movie 3 HD (H265)
Bein Movie 4 HD (H265)
Bein Series 1 HD (H265)
Bein Series 2 HD (H265)
Bein Drama HD (H265)
Bein DreamWorks HD (H265)
MBC1 HD (H265)
MBC2 HD (H265)
MBC4 HD (H265)
MBC Plus Drama (H265)
First HD (H265)
Yahala HD (H265)
Yahala Oula HD (H265)
Yahala Cinema HD (H265)
Fox Action HD (H265)
Fox Family Cinema HD (H265)
Disney Junior Ar HD (H265)
FX HD (H265)
LBC HD (H265)
MTV Lebanon HD (H265)
AL Jazeera HD (H265)
AD Nat. Geo. HD (H265)
AL Jazeera Doc. HD (H265)
Rotana Drama HD (H265)
Rotana Aflem HD (H265)
Rotana Cinema HD (H265)
AL Oula Maroc HD (H265)
Echourouk News HD (H265)
Echourouk HD (H265)
BeInSport News HD (H265)
BeInSport HD (H265)
BeInSport 1 HD (H265)
BeInSport 2 HD (H265)
BeInSport 3 HD (H265)
BeInSport 4 HD (H265)
BeInSport 5 HD (H265)
BeInSport 6 HD (H265)
BeInSport 7 HD (H265)
BeInSport 8 HD (H265)
BeInSport 9 HD (H265)
BeInSport 10 HD (H265)
BeInSport 11 HD (H265)
BeInSport 12 HD (H265)
BeInSport 13 HD (H265)
AD Sport 1 HD (H265)
AD Sport 2 HD (H265)
AD Sport 3 HD (H265)
AD Sport 4 HD (H265)
AD Sport 5 HD (H265)
MBC PRO 1 HD(H265)
MBC PRO 2 HD(H265)
MBC PRO 3 HD(H265)
KAAS 1 HD(H265)
KAAS 2 HD(H265)
Saudi Sport 1 HD(H265)
Saudi Sport 2 HD(H265)
BeInSport 1 FR (H265)
BeInSport 2 FR (H265)
BeInSport 3 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 1 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 2 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 3 FR (H265)
SFR Sport 5 FR (H265)
TF1 (H265)
M6 (H265)
France 2 (H265)
France 3 (H265)
France 4 (H265)
France 5 (H265)
France O (H265)
W9 (H265)
NRJ12 (H265)
HD1 (H265)
6 TER (H265)
ARTE (H265)
BFM (H265)
Cherie 25 (H265)
C8 (H265)
C-STAR (H265)
Equipe 21 (H265)
I-Tele (H265)
LCI (H265)
NT1 (H265)
Numero 23 (H265)
TMC (H265)
RMC Dec. (H265)
Canal+ FR (H265)
Canal+ Sport FR (H265)
Canal+ Decale FR (H265)
Canal+ Family FR (H265)
Canal+ Cinema FR (H265)
Canal+ Series FR (H265)
Cine Emotion (H265)
Cine Premier (H265)
Cine Frisson (H265)
OCS Max (H265)
OCS Geant (H265)
OCS Choc (H265)
OCS City (H265)
E. (H265)
Discovery Ch. (H265)
Discovery Family Fr. (H265)
Discovery Science Fr. (H265)
Discovery ID. Fr. (H265)
My cuisine Fr. (H265)
13 ieme Rue Fr. (H265)
Syfy (H265)
Serie Club (H265)
Canal J (H265)
Boomerang (H265)
Teletoon (H265)
Piwi (H265)
Disney CH. (H265)
Disney Junior (H265)
Toonami (H265)
Voyage FR (H265)
Ushuaia FR (H265)
Planet+ FR (H265)
Nat. Geo. FR (H265)
Nat. Geo. Wild FR (H265)
Sky Sport 1 IT (H265
Sky Sport 2 IT (H265
Sky Sport 3 IT (H265


in blog by leadcool 11 Comments


  1. Ahmed

    Is the service available to all QHDTV subscribers or new subscription?

    • leadcool

      it add the 120+ H 265 package .is the new product

  2. Jamel

    As usual you will erase my comment, but please add VICELAND in Canal Sat. Thank you

  3. Hussain

    How can I upgrade my subscription?

    Because I cannot use the pro by old code!!

    • leadcool

      hi .the qhdtvpro is the new product .only work with the qhdtvpro code .you can get the test from our site

  4. Brahim Hayouf

    Fix channel benelux plz
    Laune ladeux latrois rtltvi plug rtl

  5. MoMo


    the pro version is a new product and can not be used with the qhdtv code…

    nice day

  6. linda

    Unfortunately QHDTV PRO does not support SmartTV, Newnigma, or VLC.
    After testing QHDTV PRO.This report bellow.
    Problems with Channels taking a long time to open even though my internet fiber optic is extremely high speed

    Channels NOT working on QHDTV PRO (HD265):

    -Bein Series1 HD (HD265)
    -Bein Series2 HD (HD265)
    -Bein Drama HD (HD265)
    -Bein DreamWork HD (HD265)
    -First HD (HD265)
    -Disney Junior Ar HD (HD265)
    -BeinSport6 HD (H265)
    -AD Sport3 HD (H265)
    -AD Sport4 HD (H265)
    -AD Sport5 HD (H265)
    -13 ieme Rue Fr (HD265)
    -Planet+ FR (HD265)
    -Sky Sport 1 IT (HD265)
    -Sky Sport 2 IT (HD265)
    -Sky Sport 3 IT (HD265).

  7. marc

    Too many problems with H265 channels. unable to watch more than 1 hour without black screen with “channel problem, please contact your provider”.

  8. Selmane

    I have also lot of problems even with fiber connexion

  9. fek


    In my case h265 are not working at all.

    They work sometimes and then nothing for days.

    I don’t understand this product. The only difference with no pro one is h265 and h265 is not working.

    The problem is when I used with test code it worked so now I very disappointed.

    Next time I will go for the no pro one or another product.


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