we have add the new pacakge on the qhdtv .

the Andorid device is update already .the mag25x and smarttv will be update soon

BBC Farsi
Home Health Farsi
Nat. Geo. Farsi
Extreme Sport Farsi
Iran Today
Album Tv
ITN Farsi
IRIB Nassim
Al Karma
4u TV Farsi
Iran Inter
Now Tv Farsi
Imam Asr
Sat7 Farsi
Velayat Tv
Toheed Tv
Hawza Tv
Hodhod Tv
Karbala Tv
Hispan Tv
Press Tv
AL Kawthar
Sahartv Kurd
SaharTv URDU
SaharTv Azari
SaharTv FR.
Sahartv Bosnia
IRIB Quran
Ifilm Eng.
Russia 24
RT Russia
RT Doc Russia
TBN Russia
THT Russia
TV8 Russia
RTVI Archive
RTR Planeta
CNL Russia
Noviy Tv
Music Box
Fashion tv Russia
V.O. Tv Russia
CTC Russia
UA Ukrania
Ukrania 24

  1. My system system says connected to internet. But when trying to do addons it always says internet Error something wrong with server. I been trying to fix this issue for weeks if not solved I want my money back

  2. Please add in Russia package TV1000 channels,u recive more customers by this

  3. preciso do codigo.

  4. After all channels mostly fixed and went well suddenly today 99% of INDIAN channels gone and most of UK channels …i dont know what went wrong ..
    can yuo fix please.

  5. hi i am a new wanna buy leadcool box but i was wondering if only onetime thing i mean No monthly , No yearly payment , one payment, is’t free lifetime no sorry

  6. All arabic premium channels are gone since oct 2

    Please fix quick

    • Thats right, the Premium Channels have Problems. Hope the Team can fix it soon

  7. The Arabic Premium Channels dont work good the last days. Please Fix it because the costumers told me to often in the last days.

    Can you put the German Channels Bundesliga 2 and 3?

    What about the German Sky Select Channels?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Qhdtv

    All arabic premium channels
    All bein channels

    Are not working

    Need quick fix

  9. hello dear LEADCOOL what is going on hereagain most of INDIAN channels gone only three channels working and most UK channells as well and many more the only working channells at the moments are ARABIC ..very upsetting CAN YOU FIX PLEASE this is since two days already…

  10. When be added russian and farsi package to M3U list for Smart TV?
    Its 2 months now,and still nothing

  11. my dear QHDTV can you please let us know when will you fix the channels UK..INDIAN…CYFRA+ And many more..

    • the SKyUK India channel was fixed already .NOw only Crfia+ package problem and MTV package problem .we are try our best on it

  12. After 3 months new packages not added to m3u playlist

    No series added to m3u playlist

    When will you add ?

  13. When be added russian and farsi packages to m3u lists?
    Its 3 months now,and nothing are happend
    My customers who have Smart tv are very angry
    Its not normal to say again that the engeneers are workin on it
    And please give answer for this!!!

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