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hi every one

After 20 days work .we have finish the New APK design and progam.

the New APK feature .

1.Automatic update when new version come,need click confrim button when new version come

2.The new UI design .easy use and beautiful

3.add favorite and lock channel function the default password for lock channel is 888888

3.add the regular channels function .the most view 12 channel will display

4. EPG info load.

5.VOD Time control bar you can  control

The APK download link


How the APK Show


in blog by leadcool 29 Comments



    thanks a lot I downloaded it and now I am testing it

    the interface now is more modern
    but the same problems !!!!!
    These problems are not only I, but when all participants

    and I am sure these problems :
    1- Bein movies 1and 3 : freezing And cutting
    2- Bein sport 5 : freezing And cutting
    3- Arabic premium ;
    Fx hd.fox movies action and family…. All these channels don’t working
    4- Benlux channel list only 37 channel

    please friend get attention that lot of users also have the same problem

    iam in russian internet speed 100 MB-S

    Thanks for tour serious and tour support.

    please help me
    i am your customer and your client and your friend

    please i am sure you will fix these problems


    Arabic premium
    fixed thanks.

    but Bein movies and bein sports 5. freezing and cutting

  3. Daniel

    Good app
    But there are couple things to make it great
    1 why do i have to log in every time i close the app ….there is no sence in it.
    2 most of the new apps start when you switch on the android box … And we dont have it in this version .

    • leadcool

      hi .thanks for you suggest .we will advanced this apps
      when the new update version .it can be update auotmaitc

  4. Daniel

    Mtv lebanon ….wrong epg info its for mtv music


    Bein movies 1 and 3
    Bein sport 5
    Alot of freezing and cutting
    The problem from the source
    I have Internet 100 mb.s

    Please help us and we are sure you will fix it..

    Lead cool ? you are the best

  6. brahim

    i dont love it;the best application is perfect player with qhdtv

    • AGHIAD

      Bein movies 1.2.3 cutting and freezing
      Please you can fix it
      Lead cool ? you are the best

    • Daniel


  7. brahim

    une mauvaise qualité d’image sur qhdtv3;en peu pas ajouter aux favoris ;qhdtv2 mieu que 3.juste il’ya des logo sur 3.

  8. Adel


    • AGHIAD

      Bein movies 1.2.3 cutting and freezing
      Please you can fix it
      Lead cool ? you are the best

  9. Smallville

    Qhdtv 3 is a disappointment. Picture quality is very bad. Image and sound is asynchronous. Although I have very strong internent connection, comes nevertheless to too many interruptions. And the menu with the green and white font does not match. Because the hits by the strong green is no more readable …. so I find qhdtv 2 better you would have since further developed and improved. Greetings from germany

    • leadcool

      hi .we will update the qhdtv3 apk . and fix those problem
      once new version release .yon can get it confirm when login

  10. fadi

    great working but we want if you can add some features like “pause” and “record” please

    • AGHIAD

      Bein movies 1.2.3 cutting and freezing
      Please till me
      Do you have the same thing??

  11. Daniel

    Yes bein movies freesin even bein sport 5 and 13 are off

  12. Mohed

    DMC channel on Niel set is not working

    • AGHIAD

      And cbc 2

  13. AGHIAD

    Now everything works very nice

    You are the best
    Thanks from my Hart

  14. Ad van Rooijen

    Very bad working app qhdtv3.apk
    Most of the benelux items are not working!!
    Very bad service from leadcool.
    To the people of the Benelux i would like to say don’t buy the qhdtv but buy the iudtv.
    It is working much better then the qhdtv.
    Almost more then a month there big problems with Benelux!

    • leadcool

      the apk not problem .is problem on the some benelux channel .
      beause the cards problem .we have remove some channel from list
      we will add it back in this month

  15. Jordi

    A lot of Benelux channels are gone. For example: Ziggo Voetbal, Ziggo Select, Fox Sports 3, 4 ,5 + 6, 24 Kitchen, TLC and many more. Can these channels be added again please. And is EPG not working?

  16. Barsa

    Here same problem with Benelux more than half of the channels missing other half dont work as Should or dont work at all
    Very very bad an unstable server !!!

  17. Barsa

    Bad app picture quality is worse than qhdtv2.
    Problems are the same just with worse quality. Benelux : cartoon network,Nick toons nl,E nl,travel channel,Discovery id nl,nat geo wild,vtm, DO NOT WORK!!!.

    Animal planet is a whole different language i have reported this several times but ni change!!!

    Discovery channel audio is not synchronised!!!

    Npo1 audio not synchronised

  18. AGHIAD

    music Arabic
    Alot of channels don’t working just like fm tv,
    aghanina, aghaniaghni
    and if you can add chanells
    like sham fm and arabica

    please please please
    you can do it

  19. A Houlali

    the QHD3 Vod is not working and there alto of channels not working.there is so much channels not working and now VOD film also not working.
    you say its very stable????

    • leadcool

      hello .the new apk version release

      1.Add the Auto Start Function ,you can select auto start under setting ,the apk will auto start when box reboot .do not open it if you use it on mobile
      2..Fix everytime need input the code
      3.Add the reset default setting once click apk will clear the data
      4.Fix the channel info Logo size
      5.Fix the Channel list Font Color Once select
      6.Fix once channel problem ,display the erro page

  20. Feras Karimo

    Threr are alot channels not working like osn on demand


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