because the channel problem on the server .so we remove the problem channel from the Benelux pacakge .

we will try our best and fix the cards problem .then add back the channel



  1. o.k, thank you
    We hope that you when will update if you can adding new channels on HDTV

  2. bonjour;les chaines algerienne (chorouk benna;elbilad;elfadjre; djazairia)ne marche pas ;svp régler ce problème; merci

  3. QHDTV.Please Add Iraqi channels in a separate place, similar to Arab countries such as Morocco channels, Algerian, Lebanese, etc. ..

  4. Where are the Dutch Foxsport channels!!!!!
    i pay for a year but every week they doesnt work.
    now they are gone too!!!
    please refund my money i choose another provider

    • please contact us by email .we will help you fix the problem

  5. When i press Bein movies 1: freezing.
    When i press Bein movies 2: the channel is Bein movies 1 but working excellent.
    Bein movies 3 freezing.
    Bein movies 4 working excellent.
    Bein sport 5 freezing.

    Where Bein movies 2???
    I don’t have it know ?

    Arabic premium ;
    Fx hd.fox movies action and family…. All these channels don’t working ??

  6. Hello the German channels again dont work
    its so often.

    Please fix ist, thanks.

  7. Benelux Fox sport still don t work. Thuis is already during a few months

  8. I want my money back. Inpas for a full year now more than half of the channels are gone. The other half dont work or work bad. And this problem had been going on for a few months now. Are going to fix it or not and when. Again i want my money back this is taking too long.

  9. Still problems with Benelux . Today only 2 channels work the other 35 channels not.
    When are the rest of the channels coming back???
    It has been over a month.
    Getting really frustrated and angry ???

  10. Hi,,

    Can you list all the new channels added recently on Benelux list of channels?

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