the 1.6.0 version have some problem when login .

we have release the 1.7.0 version ,please upgrade the APk to the 1.7.0 version

when you run the will notice upgrade .

click confrim button .and download install the new version .

the login problem will be fixed

  1. Please let give us some attention, now mor than 5 months USA channles are nit working. When will you solve this???!!!

  2. Bein sport 4 arabia is still pixelising and flashing.
    Bein sport 6 is still of a very poor quality.

  3. 1.7.0 QHDTV most SKY UK not working and many more channells have been taken way since i took the a panel of bunch of codes and customers always complaining and i have to direct the issue to ..and now none of SKY SPORTS UK working instead Q H D T V PRO all working .can you please be fair..i dont mind buying the new one but the old one never finish for my customers and they need to watch what they paid…thank you…

    • UK movies and UK sport have been reported NOT working many times. Unfortunately QHDTV team does not bother with customers request. All you get from the team those useless APk upgrade version instead of fixing channels which are NOT working.

  4. Please fix channels .


  6. Im very angry!
    Yesterday i try to watch champions league in IUDTV
    All english language channels FOX sport 1,Bein 11,BT Uk,Scandinavian Viasat sport,TSN usa,Germany Sky are buffering all the time
    Others HD channels have so poor quality,it cant be watchable
    When u focuse on quality?
    Why u add some channels that nobody watch?
    When u answer to our questions?
    Ur quality is not in HD,focuse on it

    • hi .we have got this problem .we will add more internet on our server .and try our best for it thanks!

  7. Hello,
    Congrats watched bayern vs real and roma vs liverpool on bein sport 1 arabiawith not a single freez. Thank u so much for it!
    Bein sport 6 arabia is still of poor quality and displaying Beout.
    Please fix it. It’s been like 2 weeks now that customers are complaining.
    Have a nice day

    • U must have 10 inch tv screen if u say that the picture quality is good

      And for u is ok if u see some games whit no buffering?

  8. Again every day more and more channels are NOT WORKING and yet nothing is done by the team.
    It is appalling and disgraceful to treat customers by ignoring their request.
    And the list is long.

  9. Hi, I have troubles with the QHDTV app as it doesn’t give me access to the full menu where I can make my choice. It drives me automatically to the last movie I had watched 24h before without any other option.

  10. What about USA channles still not working?

    • @ Hussain unfortunately USA channels and UK movies,sport channels and lot more.. has not been working for quite long time and QHDTV team does NOT want to fix them.
      Adding to those above channel “CHOUROUK NEWS” not working. The list is growing for OFF LINE channels.
      And again QHDTV does NOT bother at all.

  11. 2 Channels dont work

    Algeria Chourruk News and Sky DE Disney Channel Junior.

    Disney Junior didnt work over 2 months -.-

  12. I reported an issue with Nollywood channel and nothing has been done. For couple of weeks now UK premium channels have all been disconnected. Seems to me like you guys don’t care about QHDTV anymore since you lunched QHDTV PRO. We the resellers paid lots of money to buy credits and still have some of the credits unsold. It’s very unfair the way you ignore our efforts to communicate and fix problems. Customers are complaining and threatening to not renew their subscriptions. Tell me how can we pay for accounts that doesn’t seem to work because customers will all leave! Let us all work together. This is very unfair! USA has been offline for months now with no communication on when it will be fixed. Please reply!

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