we have release the new QHDTV apk version to 1.7.0 version

In order to protect your rights and interests from unnecessary losses. Please update to download the latest version of APK

the APK download link


if you use the old qhdtv or qhdtv2 .we can not warranty it .

Unauthorized sales on aliexpress .can not get the protector!

Before you buy the subscription .please confirm their APK and make test first



  1. Hi , i am trying to update the IUDTV to 2.0.9 but its not working , tried also downloading it from your website but you only have the 2.0.8 there and not 2.0.9 . could you please send me a link where i could download the 2.0.9 , updating the old version doesnt work

  2. Hello, I updated to QHDTV3 and now the app stopped while ‘update channel list’ is in progress. How to fix this?

  3. Hi i use the qhdtv with apk2 . But when I update it to qhdtv 3 . It doesn’t work. It needs a code starts with ’17’ but my code start with ’13’ and van use my code till Decembre 2018. So how can i fix this problem. Please answer me. Thank you.

  4. Fridens i can’t get link for smart iptv on panel and qhdtv app for ios does not working, can you fix it ? .
    Thank you

  5. on 5/22/18 my ott tv box turned off and I was not able to start it again. the screen shows the word Android on it and that’s it. I cannot do anything to access the functions on the box. what should I do.

  6. my OTT TV box stopped working on 5/22/18 and I cannot get it to start. Please advise.

  7. Thank you for the high quality service with bein sport arabia last saturday night. Watched the whole game with nlt a single freez great work guys.
    Hope to have the same quality service during the world cup.

  8. Hello some French TV channels does not work and MBC channels from the Middle East in place of MCM French channel would it be possible to check on your side the set of French channels and to do the necessary to restore to the standard this discomfort Caused.
    Thanks in advance

  9. hello, I do not get any more qhdtv 1 year subscription. box and 1 year subscription taken from dalletek .Order number: 505846671208549 bought the 2018-03-17 05:02.
    the VOD does not work well on qhdtv and subtv on box android 2g ram x96. can you improve this problem?

    • hi .i have check your code . your is SUBTV .please open the subtv input your code

  10. It’s been like 15 days now that bein sport arabia are not working correctly…
    Please fix it befire the world cup.
    Qhdtv customers are mostly arabs and we want a good bein sport arabia service during the world cup .

    • hi .we have add the Bein Max 1 2 on qhdtv .and the Bein group we have update the the decorder .make sure it work stable during the world cup

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