Dear All

we have Add the USA Package on the QHDTV Playlist

it under other package

with the Popular USA channel ,NBA,HBO TBS TNT CBS TSN and ESPN Channel

Enjoy it

  1. Good job

    But im using perfect player and o cant see the new package

  2. Can’t see the package on VLC / m3u list!! Can you please fix?

  3. Can’t see new channels or group on VLC / m3u list

  4. Please add the new package to m3u list.

  5. Great,would you please add canadian package this is a good market for your company

  6. good move for adding new uas list. unfortunetly i can see it on smart iptv app or onthe samsung smart iptv. i can see all USA 38 channels under Qhdtv.
    will you fix the list on smart iptv

    • hi .yes .this is new package .we will add it on all device in some days

  7. Its not working on LG Smart Tv m3u files
    When u fix it?

  8. Bein sport 2 and 3 are broken
    Couple of important games goin on
    Please fix fast

  9. HBO not working, sometimes sound works but no image, only shows green pixels.

  10. Confirmed USA group added to m3u list.

  11. It never works unfortunately

  12. add the canada pack please thank you

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