1.Menu will disapper after 8 second.
2.Add the Easy Swtich catalog ,Click Menu button on the remote control,and display Easy Swtich Icons.
3.fix Some channel not Video ,more Extense software decorder

the old version can be update to new version once you click confrim update button

the apk download link


if you have bugs .please report it here



  1. LEADCOOL.. Change your server location or allow VPN. During peak time everything buffers. Wasting my time. Your seller also doesn’t want to return money. COMCAST or AT&T connection slows down to 2Mbit/s. My speed test shows 100+ Mbit. With VPN before 0 problems. If you’re worried about changing IP address from VPN then bind subscription to MAC address.. Also if you don’t change your policy then make sure that you write in big letters NO VPN ALLOWED so that customers know before buying. Right now you’re not showing anywhere. Misleading.

  2. Better picture quality compared to iudtv BUT buffers all the time and need to press channel again to start channel again. Very anoying. Adjustable buffer time may help?! Needs improvement!

  3. Dear Sir,
    i have a one year subscription for SubTv. All the African channels are mixed up. For example on channel number 37 which should show LAMP FALL TV channel it’s now shows TVC channel. Can you fix this issue quickly as w e experience since few weeks now. I have installed the new 2.0.2 version but this same.

    Please help us and fix this issue.

    Best regards,

  4. Hello
    Arabic ‘Funoon’ channel changed into another channel. Please fix the problem.

  5. the application is network error

    • Pleaser reboot your box .and network .check is working or not ?

  6. I have tried this service with test code on my h96 pro+ last night.
    All the Turkey’s channels didn’t work. It says “contact your reseller”.
    Most of the other country’s channels were work properly.

    Thus, I couldn’t try your service by Turkey’s chanell.After trying periyodd, i had been planning to pay for your subscription service. But i changed my plan. Do you have eny solution?

  7. Hello,
    Some channels do not have sounds, like “france info”, channel 26 of french package.
    Also is it a future possibility to be able to switch from dubbed program to original soundtrack ? that would be amazing !

  8. Hello,
    i’ve receive my T95N box, download SUBTV.APK and i can’t receive the channels.

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