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Last month we have release the IUDTV2 APK with the New control pannel .

IUDTV2 support the code active automatic and easy control with the new Vpannel

after one month Run .we have finger out some problem .

1.Some channel not sound problem

2.the Favorite function crash

3.some channel not full screen

now we have release the new update verion v2.0.1 .fix those bugs .and play more stable

customer who with the iudtv v1.0 or v2.0.2 can be update automatic .

if you with the IUDTV v1.0 .after you update  please click settings Factory reset . then reinput the code agian .it will fix the favorite crash problem  

the APK download link






Please specify media url
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  1. Jan


    I tried version 2 with test code. New app looks ok.
    I have some comments.
    If watching channel it’s not possible to change country from side to side. Have to go to top first.
    Also many Poland channels not working.

    • leadcool

      hi .you need go to the catalogue,or you can click Menu button on the remote control .it will display the menu

  2. Jan

    Ok thank you.
    IUDTV 1 with VPN works 95%.
    IUDTV 2 wit no VPN works 20% or even less.
    Possible to use VPN with IUDTV 2?

    • leadcool

      hi .we have update the new version 2.0.2 .please try with the new version .you can use vpn try it

  3. Rico

    Hello i just use the latest APK and it says it should fix the fullscreen problem but no channel goes fullscreen for me.I see the menu on the bottom of my screen.
    Please check this again.
    Overall i am happy with quality but it needs to go fullscreen for me.


    • leadcool

      hi .we have release the new version
      and go setting . and screen size .change it

  4. [email protected]


    What is the new URL server to connect using GSE IPTV.


  5. Moimed


    I have installed the new version of iudtv2. However when I enter my username and password I get a message saying that “The code wrong, or the code expired, please contact your seller”.
    I however still have 2 months til the end of my code.

    • leadcool

      hi .please email your username and passwrod to my email: [email protected]
      we will help you check it

  6. Jan

    Hi VPN connection not working. During peak time with no VPN many channels not available or buffering. IUDTV 1 also not working with VPN. Before no problem. Did you make changes?
    It looks like you’re blocking VPN connection.

  7. Rico

    Hello i updated to version 2.02 but it still doesnt go fullscrn. I use android 6.01.
    The kodi apk goes fullscreen so my playersetting is ok.

  8. Eddie

    I updated yesterday from 1.0 to the new version 2.0.2, and i have some problems with:
    1- what is the (embedded) password to lock and unlock channels, i want to change it . I could lock a channel but can’t unlock it.
    2- the menu disappears after some seconds.
    3- the status menu which shows the channel’s number and name doesn’t appear at all.

    • leadcool

      hi .
      the lock default passwrod is 888888
      and the menu wil disapper after 8 secound need go down button .you will see all channel number and name

      • Eddie

        Thank you.
        1- If you try to unlock, the channel works ok, but remain lock If you want to retur to It. The lock doesn’t disappear
        2- 8 sec. Is to short. If you scroll down to a channel and you aren’t finished yet, so after 8 sec. You will jump out and want to start on. Can’t we change the 8 ?
        3- I mean when you switch to a channel, you can see in a little menu down ,the channel name, number, and EPG information etc. Which didn’t appear.
        Best regards

  9. Mohammed M

    Hello friend.

    I have problem with Channel in android box. When I use HW decoding 1 the channel not working and say contact seller but when I use the other decoding It works but the quality of the channel is not good.
    what should i do. IUDTV package. Please help

  10. Ahmad Kronboch


    I cant add the channels into my favouriste list. Have you any idea what I can do? I usw IUD TV on the amazone fire tv stick.

    • leadcool

      hi .click OK button 5 seoncd .it will display the menu .you can add the favorite

  11. Ferreira

    Bonjour.J’actionne l’EPG mais le nom et les horaires des chaines ne s’affichent pas.
    Merci de votre aide.


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