1.Menu will disapper after 8 second.
2.Add the Easy Swtich catalog ,Click Menu button on the remote control,and display Easy Swtich Icons.
3.fix Some channel not Video ,more Extense software decorder.
if you with the IUDTV APk .it can be update auomatic onece you confirm it
New APk download link

Please report Bugs on this page


  1. 1- Some channels cause the application to crash on Android system. It will continue while you start the app again and again until you quickly switch the channel on startup.

    2- Browsing favourite channels list with the arrows moves you through the main list to channels not on favourite.

  2. 3- Sometimes, All the channels stops working showing a message ( Channel Problem ) on blank black screen.

    Everything gets back to normal when restarting the whole system.

  3. LEADCOOL.. Change your server location or allow VPN. During peak time everything buffers. Wasting my time. Your seller also doesn’t want to return money. COMCAST or AT&T connection slowed down. With VPN before 0 problems. If you’re worried about changing IP address then bind subscription to MAC address.. Also. If you don’t change your policy then make sure that you write in big letters NO VPN ALLOWED so that customers know before buying. Right now you’re not showing anywhere.

  4. Jan … the leadcool team informs each reseller that one may not use vpn … and that is on the homepage with the use of the vpn

    Subscription banning rules:

    Don’t try to log in more equipment with one subscription, or we will ban it forever.

    Don’t try to invade the server, or we will ban it forever.

    Don’t try to share the TV program, or we will ban it forever.

    Don’t using VPN/ VPS/ other Shared Platform to watch iptv subscription, or we will ban it forever.

  5. Abouali2017

    Your sellers don’t inform about no VPN. Show me this rule here please. I can’t see it

    Also your own techs say VPN is ok:

    Read second response.


    • hi .vpn is not suggest . Becasue vpn not security for your subscription .
      if your subscription was stollen .and use for the restreaming .we will baned it

  6. I have this problem with the new uidtv. After login with my 1 year subscription code i get ‘Channel problem’notification for almost 90% of all channels. Only some of the Dutch channels are working for me…

    How to solve this problem? Do you have to change something in tools? My realtime internet connection is 123mbs, just checked again.

    This way i cannot use uidtv…please help or assist

    • hi .which isp provdier you have used ?
      do you use i ton two deviec on same time .becasue sever only allow one connection on same time

  7. Hello
    Can you help me where can write my new code please?

  8. hi
    i bought 2 subscriptions for iudtv
    i have one android box and one tablet. the tablet has android 4.1.1 so iudtv2 doesn’t work. (i dont have username and password, just the password!)
    solution please

    • hi .if you use the username and password on the iudtv2 apk .please switch the login ui .then you can input the username and password

  9. Hallo I search the epg option on the release can you help me?

  10. Hello friend.

    I have problem with Channel in android box. When I use HW decoding 1 the channel not working and say contact seller but when I use the other decoding It works but the quality of the channel is not good.
    what should i do. IUDTV package. Please help

    • hi .if you use the HW decodeing 1 not working .is mean your box not support hardware decoder

  11. Hi!
    I need the older version of iudtv1.apk?
    Where can I download that apk?


  12. Hi guys! I bought you a subscription for one year IUD TV (European package) . An interesting application I see often Dutch (Holland) and Russian television, in principle, not bad but there are things that you need to improve, yet very often the name of the channels does not correspond to the channel ,and they have the same name but are completely different are actually other channels . There are channels which are present several times only under different names, especially for the Russian channels. It is a pity that in the Russian package is missing the channel Russia HD , Russia 24 and Zvezda . Often suddenly the broadcast is interrupted, the sound disappears and then suddenly appears at all other channel , and one that you were watching just disappeared. And it happens will wuchereria please these problems!

  13. Hi-
    I have problems with IUDTV “Channels Problem” not working here in Ireland any help please, I have tried rebooting etc nothing worked

  14. Hej from today every time when i try to log in on the app its be like : network error ,chek your network !buth my network work perfectli on ewerithing ellse ?

  15. Hi c
    Can u get apk for iPhone?

  16. I can not login to my account, it says network problem! S9 plus with latest software. Before update i had no problem but now i can not even login to my account! Please fix it…

    • Please update to the new Version .fix the android 9.0 system login problem

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