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we have Add those 4 channel in the qhdtv package now
Package : Arabic premium
seevii drama
seevii oula
seevii shamya
seevii Doc
Enjoy it !
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  1. Surf

    Can you add USA package to m3u list

  2. M87

    Hello. Thank you for adding these channels. They are working good. On the benelux package NAT GEO WILD is not working. Is it possible to add ziggo sport? This is a very much watched channel! Thank you

  3. Garmin

    Many channels in 7-ARABIC NOT WORKING Al Jazeera, a loaded, almayadeen, Al alarm, BBC ARABIC, CBS etc

    I’m using Subtv

  4. Djano92

    Hi my friend
    Please fix french Channel
    foot plus

  5. Garmin

    Kindly we need OSN FINE LIVING

    US Fine living


    VOD in French we need them in English

  6. ahmed amin

    Our channels are delivered to you via the internet. Great variety, crisp, fast and easy to Canada.


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