our server is under attacked

then cause all server can not login

we are working on,it can be fix in 20Hour


  1. Please please please
    Alot of channels removed to new frequencies.
    Sama syria,wanasa, mbcmax, mbc 4 and other channels…

    Please you have to update your list…..

    Bein moves all chanells don’t working…

    Please you have to update and fix

  2. Iudtv is working just not the swedish,and ex yu channels. Fix it so that they work. Its been more than 20 hours.

    • hi .we are waiting the server provider fix the technology problem .then can install the another server .then can restore all channel .
      sorry for that !

      • Please please please
        Qhdtv Alot channels removed to new frequencies…..

        Same syria….

        Please all been moves don’t working…..

  3. Sama syria and wanansa removed to new frequencies….

    Please you have to update your sources

    i am from syria i payed for 1 year Qhdtv to watch surian channels

    sama syria removed to new frequence

    please please please

  4. Whyyy i can’t log on

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