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we have solve the IUDTV APK

please Download the APK here



if you used the old ipsatpro apk

You need uninstall the ipsat pro and the provide core apk

Enjoy it



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  1. Sergej

    When you finally sort everything Out?

  2. Kalil

    Very disappointing
    It’s been down for more than 24 hrs without any updates

  3. Aleem

    It’s been more then 12 hours. What is happening?

  4. Ubbe

    Still no solution. 12 hours have gone.

  5. Alex

    IUDTV – very BAD service! 3 days!!!! service not works and tedh support cannot do nothing! Why you sell subscriptions if cannot suport it?

  6. ali b de bij

    Hi, when will the German channels pro7, rtl nitro, dmax, phoenix back again (iudtv) I want a new subscription but I miss this German channels. Kind regards

  7. Dennis

    The APP has previously never work properly. And why will not answer our questions. This service is katastophal. For what we pay for? Fortunately, I have taken your service only for 3 months.
    Very bad

    • Arben Ajrizaj

      I agree I’m a new member thankfully for 3 months I was going to tell family and friends but I can’t because this is embarrassing to advise, on Kofi you get free channels and sometimes they work better , and no EPG here and Kofi yes and Kofi is free

  8. Sasha.H

    Past 2 month I have not had any problems with the IPSATPRO-1.1.apk

    This is the first time for me that it is not working 🙁 shame…

    IUDTV for KODI is slow and buffering with sometimes stream display pixelation.

    Hope the apk app will be fixed to work again better

    • All Sector Electronics

      Have you tried disabling the video acceleration? Made a difference on mine.

  9. Dennis

    Error message. “This app will attempt to connect to an external produce market, which is not available on this device. Do you want to connect instead with the manufacture Amazon Appstore?”

    2 options, “Next” and “Cancel”. Opt for “Next” then stands thus the searched app was not found.

    I Choose Cancel, nothing happens.

  10. kalil

    Which core do we use?


    or the old core core.apk

  11. John

    Is the server blocking ip addresses from mainland China? seems not to work at my side (China telecom)

    • leadcool

      we not blocked the china ip.please check it again

  12. Arben Ajrizaj

    Still not working!!!! Didn’t you say you fixed this? How can I cancel my account with you.

    • leadcool

      hi .what’s problem on your box ? can you give me more information?

  13. Ian

    This takes me to a download site called Player Core and can’t be accessed by my system. I am not happy with this.

  14. Sasha.H

    Thanks, the new apk app works nice.
    Keep up with your good work

  15. Athanasios Tsopanidis

    What is about the Greek pachkage OTE TV ?

    Do not work

  16. El

    Uidtv doesn’t work with me anymore. Did replace the core apk and the ipsatpro with the new software. What’s going on?

  17. dope101

    please fix bt sports uk, it always changes its never the same always mixed up.
    bt1 changes to bt2 or bteurope,never stable always gets mixed up.
    and astro supersport3 never works, please fix these channels

  18. Dennis

    Hi. After a long time not working. The new APK with Playercore is working fine. Can you please add the sky german bundesliga “single games”?

    I can only choose the simulcast, but not a singlegame.

    With sky german championsleague, its the same. Only simulcast, not single game

    Hope you stay on that way

  19. El

    When do you add vod again?

  20. Johan

    Hi. Still doesn`t work for me!! I got the playlist with adult channels and told you that i ordered without xxx channels,got a new account with new username and password and it hasn`t worked since. And the old account doesn`t work eather

  21. gianluca

    Hi, the plugin for kodi is very slow… 10-15 seconds for loading channel; with simple tv pvr I have many stability problems.
    I use a m8s tvbox

  22. gianluca

    Hi, the plugin for kodi is very slow… 10-15 seconds for loading channel; with simple tv pvr I have many stability problems.
    I use a m8s tvbox
    Can you please fix sky-uno and skymotogp for italian package

  23. perian roland

    jai un message sur mag250 inpossible de me connecté
    you stb is bloked call the provider.

    MAC:00:1A79:31:86:A5 je paye l’abonnement vous entrer le numéro mac dans le serveur. se dit donner la procedure pour
    configurer le mag 250 avec lAPK :

  24. perian roland

    JHA a message on mag250 inpossible for me connected

    You stb is bloked call the provider.

    MAC: 00: 1a: 79:31:86:A5 I pay the subscription enter you the mac number in the server. said give the procedure for

    Configure the mag 250 with lAPK:

  25. Cimi

    Channels freeze too much.. French channels Like Beinsport 1/2/3 work 5min then go offline.. Fr channel foot24 doesn’t work anymore… I installed the New iudtv apk But Still not stable. Do something About it

  26. All Sector Electronics

    Works good. For Kodi had to disable the video acceleration and works pretty good.

  27. Andrea

    installed the new program will see the Italian channels jerky and some channels there are, or are in another language. thank you

  28. Cimi

    BEinsport channels don’t work on

    Only sound But No image

    Make it work please

  29. All Sector Electronics

    When will BEIN is just sound for a while when will it be fixed.

  30. Mohamad Alkhatib

    QHDTV apk is stop working and there is no channels work .
    what happen !!!
    can you tell us when when can be ready !

  31. cimi

    channels sometimes HD then SD why? channels freeze too much

    beinsports channels don’t work anymore.

  32. husamed

    why the lead tv isn’t working i bought 3 accounts and none of them is working, main of my family and friends wants accounts but i can’t recommend you if your service sucks ans stop working after 2 days

  33. None

    How do I add Mac address seller isn’t responding?

  34. [email protected]

    On BEINSPORT not open VIDEO Signal only AUDIO what is the Problem i have write on Skype never become Answer what is this for Service

  35. Me

    No channels!

  36. Mohamed Khaira

    After the updating stops working

  37. akram zin

    from long time a go a lot freez and more channels witch not work : server come very slow ; you must thinking about the clients all theme pay for have good service and good quality
    its by theme ;yours server steel alive

  38. Ella K.

    Hi. It’s been a whole week that my iudtv app is not working. When i open the app: no channel, no playlist updated.
    I already tried to uninstall and re-install the app but nothing has changed. Can you help me to fix this problem please

  39. eddie

    hi i am a reseller and now i can’t add credit to my pannel.now you guys are tring to tell me to buy a new pannel

  40. Chef

    Too bad. Pannel is out. User is banned and can not be unbanned. Now for 2 weeks asking for a solution.

    • Daniel

      Same as me …. Something wrong with the server…. All i know that my money are gone

  41. AHMED

    Iraqis in many European countries, including the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) Most of them, which does not cover satellite channel. But unfortunately QHDTV and also IUDTV does not contain a lot of Iraqi channels .I guarantee many sales if you add an Iraqi channels such as the Tunisian or Moroccan channels

  42. Andreas

    Hello, German Sky Sport News only video and no sound. Any ideas?

  43. Stanislas Coquelin

    What about the latest SFR french channels (Sfr Sports, 4k etc.), they got the british premier league until 2019. Will they soon appear in IUDTV ?

  44. Choh

    Please fix the dutch channels. They are freezing like hell. ?

    • Loverr1

      All. Channels work for 1 min and after it goes offline plz fix

      • leadcool

        plese check the network stable .wedo not have problem on it

  45. Loverr1

    Plz fix channels stop after 1 min or less all channels

    • leadcool

      please check your network stable .we do not have problem on it

  46. david hunter

    when will we get VOD movies?

  47. Willem

    Were can i find the channel logoos?

    • leadcool

      IUDTV only with SKy uK sweden and netherland channel now .we will add more in future

  48. Siddoq

    Not working app gives black screen and crashes

    • leadcool

      please check our account .i think problem on your account .if not channel list

  49. corburt erilio

    I am constantly invstigating online for ideas that can benefit me. Thx!

  50. malek allam

    I have just purchased 2 subscriptions I have everything installed apk iudtv and Player_Core.apk but there is nothing black screen to solve the problem ya nobody repent me

    • leadcool

      hi .where you buy it ?please email to [email protected] .and send your account username we will help you check it

  51. jack

    hi no channel in my box

    • leadcool

      Please send your code to [email protected] .we will help you check the problem

  52. mohammad


    if you please can you download channel Iqraa with the arabic channel in Iudtv.

    with pleasurw

  53. Oddbjorn Ovstedal


    For some weeks now, my IUDHD tv is not working. It loads, but the screen is black/empty. When trying to update, nothing happens. Upper right corner it says, playlits updated(0).
    Please help me!

    Best regards

    • leadcool

      hi .please send your username to [email protected] .we will check your account .

  54. Alexander

    Bought 2 accounts from evybuy for 1 year, IUDTV is advertised with dutch HD channels. since last month all HD channels went back to SD and stay SD during most of the day. in the night after 1/2 AM the porn commecrials are in 1080p though. seems like you have to much users on server so there is not enough bandwidth and all channels are scaled to SD shitty quality.
    Test account was perfect, good quality on all channels. that is why i bought 2 accounts. now i got 2 accounts for 100 USD and quality is shit.
    all SD channels have shitty interlace stripes in it so 2 useless IPTV accounts. i want u to fix back to how it was before. HD channels and no interlace crap or give me refund 🙁

  55. Willem

    The new .apk is great but when is there a new addon coming for kodi?
    Greets Willem

  56. ramon

    During games, still with buffering issues from a few months ago. I have renewed my subscription for a year (because during test channels were fine) and all I can say is that I regret it. Please fix bandwidth issues before you continue selling subscriptions!

  57. Touf

    French bein is not the correct Channel…instead we have nrj 12

  58. Touf

    Canal + french freeze during game!!!!!

  59. TheKleriker

    Can you help me about the EPg in the Iudtv app I am not find
    an option for an epg Server thank you

  60. Luigi

    I have a problem with my IUDTV, I didn’t have the possibility to watch, the expiring date is on AugustI’m using an android version. What can be?

  61. Luigi

    Hi, since yesterday I can’t watch Iudtv programs with my android system. The expiring date is August. What can be? Thanks.

  62. soso

    Hi im try to install IUDT2 to my android device but it fail. I have an old device with old iudtv and core.

  63. Neamtu Vasile

    Hi, please check IUDTV with Romanian channels, almost all channels has problems, very very and very bad because not respected channels one channel is repeated maybe 10 times, languages is not Romanian (RUSSIAN AND HUNGARIAN) I have patience almost 5 months but nothing fix.

  64. Neamtu Vasile

    Channel 02 Dolce sport 1 problem with screen must be 16:9 but is 4:3.
    Channel 03 must be Dolce sport 2 but repeated Dolce sport 1.
    Channel 05 must be Food Network HD but is U tv Music .
    Channel 10 and 11 same channel.
    Channel 12 Digi Film not working.
    Channel 15 Eurosport 1 not working, just sound in HUNGARIAN Language (HUNGARIAN is not the same language with Romanian).
    Channel 18 must be Antenna 1 but repeated again Etno channel.
    Channel 20 Tv 1000 languages is Russian and no subtitles.
    Channel 38 and 39 same channel.
    Channel 40 must be Tvr 3 but repeated again U tv Music

    Channel 41 must be Tvr international but is Tvr 3.
    Channel 42 must be TNT but again repeated U tv Music.
    Ok the list continues, please respected your customers.


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